Tips To Store Your Perfume Well – Make Your Costly Fragrances Last

You’ve just spent a fair amount of money on a lovely perfume that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Wouldn’t you want to ensure that you get the perfume to last for as long as possible? If you are not careful with it then you might lose quite a bit of it; certainly quite a waste of your money. If you know how to store your collection of perfumes well then you will not have to worry about this eventuality.

– Never expose your perfume bottles to direct sunlight because the UV rays contained in sunlight will bring about changes in the chemical composition of the perfume. It will very likely start smelling entirely different and might even lose its ability to stay for long on your skin.

– Similarly, you should keep you bottles of fragrances away from heat which can cause disintegration and evaporation. You don’t have to go as far as placing them in your refrigerator; a cupboard or drawer will do.

– Your bathroom is not a good place to store your perfumes in on account of the excess humidity and heat in this place from time to time. It is no doubt very convenient to place your perfumes here but you should resist the temptation.

– Place the lid back on the perfume bottle as soon as you have used it. This will help prevent loss from evaporation.

– If you have to travel very often then it is best to carry a small amount in a travel bottle. Alternately, you could buy a small bottle of your favourite fragrance just for your travels. This is also a good idea if you like to reapply your perfume very frequently.

– Avoid shaking your perfume bottles before applying them to your skin. There is no benefit in doing this but you risk altering the composition of the liquid.

– Keep your perfume collection in a place where there is little chance of them falling down and breaking. You should also pack them carefully for travel. A broken bottle of perfume in your suitcase is not just a waste of money but it can also ruin the clothes and other things packed in the suitcase.

The best place to keep your perfumes is in your wardrobe, amidst your clothes. Not only will they be safe from harm but your clothes will also smell very fragrant. Be sure to also check the expiry date on your perfume bottle and discard any product that has gone past the date.