Finding Tattoo Styles That Fit You – Three Best Designs For Your Body Type

Finding tattoo styles that will fit your tastes and you body type can be a bit time consuming and even a bit frustrating. These three top designs and art pieces should get you on the right track, though, and included are some tips on finding the right one.

We all know that tattoos are very popular. Actually, they are at their most popular form of body art, so you really need to get original artwork on yourself if you want to stand out and want your tat to mean something to you. This alone makes picking tattoo styles tough. Secretaries are wearing revealing clothing just to show off their designs. Men are getting wicked tribal art on their arms and back. This is a great thing to see, but you will need to choose your styles carefully.

So, what are the top tattoo styles for your particular body? You should be your own judge, but here area a few of the styles that have stood the test of time and continue to impress to this day in 2008.

New School Designs – This style is actually taken from the old sailor type of tattoos. The sailor usually had anchors and swallow inked on their own and people are finding amazing ways to incorporate them on heir bodes today. The colors nowdays are brighter and more detailed, but this is still a classic piece that will stick around. Also, women seem to be getting these tattoo styles on the neck area and men are getting them on their shoulders and arms.

Japanese Kanji Styles – As you may have known, this particular design is popular in the "full sleeve" crowd. Many tat enthusiasts get whole sleeve tattoos on their arms, shoulder and back with this sweet art. The good news is that many artists now make much smaller, yet detailed pieces of this style without having to get it as such a huge piece. The most famous of the Kanji designs is of course the Koi fish.

Tribal Tattoos – Tribal tattoo styles have been around for a very long time. Many of the generic, cookie cutter tribals that you see on people are not what you want though. While this style is good, you need to have a detailed piece if you really want it to stand the test of time. You would not believe the amazing designs that tribal artists are making now. They are amazing, but you will not find them through a Google search or one of the random, fly-by-night tat websites. The artists have their art on select, well respected; yet very content rich tattoo websites.

Tribal Tattoo Styles – The tribal tattoo has been around for generations, long before your great grandmother was even born. They are a lot more complex in their design in this day and age, but they are always a classic piece if done right. Many people are now incorporating color into the classic tribal look, which has opened up a whole new dimension for tribal tattoo styles.