Clay Bennett Makes Lenny Wilkens Team President

Seattle SuperSonics' major owner Clay Clay Bennett bestowed another title on Lenny Wilkens. He is now the president of basketball operations for the Sonics /

Earlier Bennett had announced that he might seriously consider Las Vegas as a potential home for his franchise after the 2007-08 season. However, Jim Kneeland, Bennett's spokesman, said that Bennett had not had any formal discussions with the officials of Las Vegas.

Washington state's lawmakers declined to vote during their regular session on a proposal to use taxpayers' money to help build a new $ 500 million arena in the Renton, a suburb in Seattle.

Oklahoma City seems to be the most likely future home for the Sonics as Bennett is from there and the city supported the New Orleans Hornets when they relocated there after Hurricane Katrina.

It is still not clear whether Wilkens would remain a part of the organization if the Sonics were to relocate.

As the team president, Wilkens would be filling the openings for general manager and coach. Coach Bob Hill was fired after the Sonics went for 31-51 this season and it was their worst performance since 1985-86. General manager Rick Sund was removed from his position although he is still with the Sonics as a consultant.

Wilkens will also be looking for people to fill the two positions but Bennett and the rest of the owners would have the final say in hiring suitable people.

Wilkens coached the Sonics and helped them win their only NBA title in 1979. He has also played four seasons in Sonics, three as a player cum coach and one season as the head coach from 1977 till 1984-85 season.

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