How to Be A Motivational Factor In Business

A Very Simple question.

HOW can i …

1. Get Motivated,
2. Motivate Others and
3. Stay Motivated Myself?

I am reminded of a Les Brown video I watched years ago where Les was speaking and he said something like, (Paraphrasing) "Imagine all of your hopes and dreams and aspirations and achievements and your sole purpose itself standing before you all around your deathbed as you prepare to die. Imagine them now staring at you very angrily pointing their fingers and saying to you, "We could have lived had you taken action and not allowed fear and uncertainty to hold us back … We could have become great! But now, now, NOW … We must die with you! "

That thought alone will immediately cause some people to reflect and to begin the process of examining themselves to begin making some positive changes in their life!

But motivation is apparently different with each individual and it is very uncertain exactly why some people will become inspired with just a nudge in the right direction while others can even become teary eyed and passionate for just a few minutes and then leave soon after seemingly completely forgetting that fire they felt in under a week. It happens after attending a live seminar. It happens after hearing a fiery sermon Sunday morning. It happens after a person joins a new business opportunity, when the business meeting adjourns and it happens even after our spouse tells us to pick up our shoes for the 10th time in a matter of days.

We unwaveringly resort back to needing to be reminded.

To be " Re-Motivated ".

And then of course there are some people believe it or not who really could care less about changing their lives. They are the bottom feeders and are only here on the planet to pull themselves and everything down around them. You could not motivate them no matter what. Well, I take that back. Maybe if you thread them out of a plane with a parachute you would not have to remind them to pull the cord.

So, just remember this when Motivation is the topic …

Motivation works where there is a NEED and a burning DESIRE for something to CHANGE .

Like falling from a plane and doing whatever it took not to hit the ground from 10,000 feet!

In business, you must be able to answer these questions at hand to become a motivational factor.

HOW can I Get Motivated?

In order to first get motivated, you must have a desire to change something in your life. If you desire to lose weight, or get a better education, or save money or whatever it is, first there must be the DESIRE. You will not find however that desire unless you NEED to. If you "want" to lose weight for example, that is a desire. So also is a "wish" or hope, or dream. I wish I was a NBA center for the Miami Heat, lol … Will not work now will it? So if you desire to lose weight, that's good. But if you have one month to live if you do not lose 20 lbs., Or you'll die from some weight related illness … Suddenly you NEED to lose weight and your desire to move you into action. Same thing applies when it comes to meeting deadlines. Do or Die seems to motivate quite well.

Find out what your true desires are by attaching them to a NEED by weighing them in scales of a best case / worse case scenarios.

How To Motivate Others?

People are driven primarily by one of two factors: The pursuit of pleasure or the avoidance of pain. You can never motivate another individual until you first find out what determining factors are their most compelling reason to change something in their life. Have you ever no matter what you tried, said or did to, for or with someone yet not gotten the results you wanted from them in return? For example, have you ever felt like you wanted someone to succeed in business 'more' then they wanted to succeed themselves based on their actions or lack thereof?

Now answer this one question: What was their primary driving factor? Make more money? Travel more? Spend time with the family more? If you could not answer specifically any of these questions by digging a bit deeper, you did NOT tap into their primary driving factor, because these above descriptions are all wants. A desire is not a NEED! Wants are like wishes and fantasies held in the mind and if it happens great and if it does not happen it's still great to that individual.

Remember, Motivation works where there is a NEED and DESIRE for something TO CHANGE.

Needing to make more money is one thing. Needing to do so because your car just got repossessed and your house is next is another!


How To Stay Motivated Yourself?

You're already in a category of achievers having read this far!

Zig Ziglar was once confronted about being a "motivational speaker" as a guy said to him, "You guys come and get everyone all hyped up and then you leave and the motivation goes away. to get motivated again! "

Zig reminded the gentleman that baths are the same way, but we do think it is a good idea to take a bath everyday, Right? It is true, motivation does not last. We have to renew it each and everyday, but this is okay because it sharpens our insight in a world of business that needs inspiration and positive reinforcement. When we understand this key secret to how motivation works, then we'll be better equipped to serve the world that could use some positive motivation!

PS The reason why I personally kept forgetting to pick up my shoes is because my wife would pick them up for me most of the time. When she started hiding them and I had to go on a search mission for them is when I got into the habit of picking them up myself. She's a great motivator because I NEEDED my shoes!

THANKS for taking your motivational "bath" today.