For the Love of Art – Painting

Ah, love. Where would we be without it? It ennobles the simplest lives and when you want to find a unique piece of art that icons this sentiment, you will not go wrong with abstract art, because the sheer generosity of love can be best expressed in the wide expanses of shape and color that abstract love art does best. Red, of course, in the shape of a heart, means love, but how about the tinkering that the artist can do with the iconic heart shape. A warp of the shape and love becomes unstable, a mutable thing that changes with each day's encounter with the loved one. A realistic touch, you might say, because love is not a solid thing to touch but an emotion to feel, and how often do our emotions stay steady through the course of a day? In regards to mood and color, a pink heart shows a more tender emotion than the fiery red, in that pink is delicious and reminiscent of springtime with its tentative flowers and the growth of new plants. If we continue the use of color as metaphor, then a gold heart symbolizes the love that is tried-and-true, the one that has lasted in value just as gold. All these symbols for love show up dramatically in an abstract treatment of the subject.

But moving on to the particular object of our love, a portrait done by an abstract artist from a photograph or from an actual sitting could bring joy to a room. Personal portraits can be done in closeup, a family type studio setting, or even in plain air, using the great outdoors as a backdrop. The abstract element of love art would be in the artist's choice of what to emphasize – will it be the glossy hair of the beloved, the grace of a certain well-loved posture, the ghost of a smile? The elements of a natural background can be used by a canny artist, as well. Perhaps the mist of a distant waterfall is echoed in the coronet of baby's breath flowers in a bride's coiffure. There is no end to what the artist's eye can pick up and use as a theme. So it looks that whether an individual portrait is the aim, or a family portrait, or the portrait of a beloved pet, the abstract artist will find just the right touch to imbue his work with his personal stamp, a stamp that his commissioner will agree with.

The placement of a piece of love art need not be problematic. The bedroom is the obvious choice for a piece depicting one's love, and the individual portrait or the more generalized picture of the ideal of love will enhance one's bedroom to maximum effect if the painting is placed out of range of ultraviolet rays streaming in from a window , which could damage the finished work over time. A painting needs to be softly lit and on a wall where it dominates the flat surface. Sconces containing lighting features are a fascinating way to light a painting, but track lighting will do just as well. More and more, the use of love art will seem to you to be the ultimate expression of the love of your life.