How to Improve Your Martial Arts Techniques

First step of accomplishing anything is taking action. As long as you take some action, you will see the results. It is as simple as that. To improve your martial arts technique, brain storm for some achievable goals, that you want to accomplish in near future. Make sure your goals are measurable and put timeframe to it and be specific to the time frame. For example, learn this kick or technique by this Friday, 7pm.

By specifying your goal, writing it down and giving yourself a deadline, you goal is very clear in head. The more your goal is clear, more likely you are going to achieve it. Now that you have your deadline set, now it is time to take action.

Now whatever you plan to accomplish, whether a punch or a kick or flexibility or a technique, start practicing it. The way to practice it is by starting it slow and focusing on your form. You have to make sure you get a strong foundation. Don’t worry about the speed or the strength.

Just divide the technique or the kick or the punch in small parts and practice each part slowly, focusing on your form. Repeat the motion over and over and over and over, till are you get comfortable with the movement. Once you get comfortable with that part of the move, move to the next part and practice the next part till you are comfortable. Once you are comfortable with the small parts, now put all the pieces together and practice the entire move altogether till the move becomes the second nature for body and becomes the part of your muscle memory.

Congratulations! By this stage, consider yourself an expert in that move. Now you can repeat the same process to improve your other martial arts techniques. The hardest thing in the entire process is to actually take action. Once you start taking action and following instruction, everything else falls in place. Your results give you sense accomplishment and make you confident. The feeling you get from accomplishing your goals, makes you want set and accomplish more goals and become he best in your field.