Peace on Earth in another 365 Days

For three hundred and sixty four days, one third of the world's population that is Christian talks of peace. And for one day of the year they manage to experience it …

If the youngest and largest single group of the three major religions can manage to manifest one day of peace each year, surely it could be a model for other religions to follow. All groups talk of peace, but Christians for the most part have managed to celebrate one day each year in peace. But even this is wonderful. As one cruises the highways, parking lots, shopping malls and homes, two days before Christmas, you can see that the roots of war are still there. Christmas is just a rest from war and not really a day of peace.

If humanity was secretly peaceful, we would not have peace after thousands of years of trying to find it? Are we hitting ourselves over the head with the same hammer, trying to manifest a result, by doing the same things that do not bring us to the peace that we say we want to experience?

Life is a process, not an end itself. Man can not find peace on earth, but only moments of peace experienced individually, in the silence between the cannon fire. The ideology of obtaining peace is more desirable than actually achieving peace. Once peace has been achieved it will not be experienced as peace any longer and the thought of war will be desired once again, as humanity finds out to find the peace it already has.

In the history of mankind, peaceful people have bought to expand their peace through the act of war. And maybe that is because they have really not known peace. If the world was ready for peace it would be demonstrated in the homes, on the roads, parking lots and shopping malls.

Peace is who we are inherently; we come from peace so why do we not demonstrate it? To know peace you have to come back to it. You must know non-peace before you can know peace.

War starts in the home and is pushed out into the streets and into the battle fields. This comes from an inherently hostile or primitive people that still believe it is separated from its enemies. Humanity still does not know or believe that it can only wage war on itself because there is no other, and your enemy is in complete agreement with you. When you face your enemy you are looking into a mirror. It is your own right hand striking you in the face.

War will always continue until humanity changes its mind about war. It is a learning curve coupled with insanity. If what you are doing is not bringing you what you desire, why would you do it? How insane is that? Unless you have discovered the reason for not wanting peace, you will always turn to war.

War is simply a thought manifested into physical reality and demonstrated on our streets. It immerges from our own thoughts as the final way to demonstrate our own frustration over not getting what we desire. It is a face-off of egos demonstrating lack of reason. It demonstrates immaturity of the individual and discontent for self, not of an imagined enemy.

The only enemy that humanity has is a single individual. One faces off with a mirrored image of self demonstrating a strong desire to beat some sense into the part of self that is directed. Your enemy is your rejected self, the part of you that you do not wish to deal with. That part of you that will not listen to your reason. That part of you which knows there is another way.

Mankind has traditionally believed that once you kill your enemy, he / she disappears forever. This thinking is naïve at best. No souls are ever lost, and those that you seek to destroy and conquer become your children and your mates. Life changes, but it can never be destroyed. Like the mail it just keeps coming and coming.

Because humanity has all the attributes of its creator, it has immediate access to all its qualities. If we are inherently peaceful, then we can demonstratively if physically by being peaceful. Peace is only a thought away. It is not demonstrated en mass but individually and repeated many times on the street. Peace is as individual as war and is shared with all other aspects of yourself. One grain of sugar put into a pitcher of purified water changes the entire volume of water. It is no longer pure.

If it takes humanity 365 days of fighting, liberalization, and negotiation to produce one day of peace, if we begin now we can have 365 days of peace in about 133,255 years. There is evidence to show that man has owned the earth for millions of years not just the commonly accepted tens of thousands of years. Still the best we can do so far is one single day.

The only real issue with experiencing peace is that humanity talks about it. It does not demonstrate for peace, but demonstrates against war. Humanity keeps war alive by being against it. There would not be one gun shot in the next moment if all men and women thought only about peace in that moment.

War comes from lack of awareness of the most common connection to all others, and we are our brother's keeper because we are our brother. Peace can be found in the middle of a war, while you are on the edge of death, starvation or torture. Peace comes when you decide to experience it.

Although there are inequities in the world (haves and have-nots), peace is still a state of mind that has little to do with these things. The body has choices always wherever to die in peace or live in war. The body may experience war but the soul does not.

Humanity now finds itself in the same position it has several times before. Its technology is advanced enough to wipe out all life in the world. Conventional warfare is not necessary and a small bottle of germs can do the trick. There is no safe haven, because the enemy will always go with you. You can not kill off that part of you that desires war and the enemy has a long memory.

Christmas is a poor time to be thinking about peace. Prayers, faith, trust and hope are things that do not bring us peace, they can not. They all happen in the future, they all deny that you have peace now and they all take away the personal responsibility of both and everyone of else to live in peace. We look to God, Jesus, Ala, Mohamed, the President, parents, fate or someone else to bring peace, and totally deny the only one that can do it.

We gave up our power and responsibility for peace when we turned out to create it. It happened when we began to proclaim in our churches, temples, synagogues and halls that we were unworthy, that we were less than that which created us and when we denied our connection to that source, others, and our environment.

If you can demonstrate that what you believe now is bringing you the level of peace that you desire, there is no reason to change it. If however you desire more peace then you now have, you need to change your thoughts. You need to think peace, and declare that that is what you wish to experience. Demonstrate peace in your physical life by including it in all things that you do. Talk the talk and walk the walk. Do not live your peace for others, but for yourself. Do not wait for others to be peaceful as you have already been waiting thousands of years. Never look behind you to see that others are following, you will trip over yourself. Do not declare yourself as peaceful, but demonstrate it. Know peace because that is what you desire as you would war because that is also what you desire.

Do not be shamed or coerced into peace if it is not what you want, because it will not last. Do not deny yourself, declare who and what you are, what you stand for, not what you are against. Do not lie; you are worthy wherever you are for peace or war. War and peace is the same thing, just different ends of the stick. Peace can not exist without war and visa versa, but you have a choice to which one you want to experience. Do not deny the existence of war or push it away, again, simply choose not to experience it.

If you are at war, be peaceful in its presence. Lift yourself up to the position of the silent observer that is another part of you. You will smile with love and empathy and you look down on the struggle you have placed yourself in as a researcher watching a mouse in a maze. After time you will not experience those earthy events as one thing or the other. You will understand the connection and life will move more easily for you. You will not be against anything, but for everything, because you will understand the purpose for the experience.

You will fall in love with yourself all over again.