Sukhumvit Hotels in Bangkok – Find Out Where to Stay For the Best Vacation

If you're planning an exotic vacation to Bangkok Thailand, then you're in for a surprise. It's much more then you'd expect from the day you arrive and to the day you leave with the feeling to come back for some more. One can not help but change a little and take a part of Bangkok in their heart when they leave.

Contrary to many popular beliefs many people still think Thailand and it's capital city of Bangkok's citizens still live in grass huts with stone fireplaces. Obviously they do not. It's a city filled with as many concrete apartments and marble shopping malls as the next cosmopolitan city.

Bangkok has a lot to offer in terms of life changing experiences. It's nearly impossible for me to explain and the only way you'll understand is if you experience their culture and lifestyle on your own.

When planning a trip to Bangkok you should look into staying at a hotel in the Sukhumvit area. Sukhumvit is the center of Bangkok and heavily commercialized for tourist and foreign expats. Yet it still retains it's Thai charm and class. Sure you'll find a Starbucks on every block, but you'll still know you're in an exotic country and not around the corner of where you live.

Sukhumvit has a major road running through it aptly name Sukhumvit road. And right above Sukhumvit road is the BTS Sky Train. It's an elevated two way train system that zips you through the ridiculously congested streets below in air conditioned glory. The BTS Sky Train stops are limited to Sukhumvit and another area called Silom. But it's the main reason why you should stay in Sukhumvit as there are more things to see and do to keep you busy.

In Sukhumvit there are many price ranges for hotels. My personal opinion is you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get excellent rooms and courteous service. I'd also do not recommend following those silly star ratings you see in guide books, especially in Bangkok. Lot's of mid range hotels in Bangkok rate themselves. So obviously they're biased. Lots of Bangkok hotels in Sukhumvit are in excellent condition with rates that run as low as $ 50 US per night. And those rates include a free buffet breakfast and other useful amenities such as free Wi-Fi Internet access.

So do not over spend on hotels in Bangkok, not unless you're absolutely loaded. If it's going to be your first time in Bangkok, stay in a hotel in Sukhumvit. It has everything there you'll need for an excellent vacation.