The Impact of Computer Use on Childhood Development

If you are curious about the impact of computer use on child hood development and would like to know if your child is benefiting from your home computer or the computer they use at school, then read on to learn more about the pros and cons on the impact of computer use on childhood development.

The impact of computer use on childhood development in today’s society can be beneficial and yet damaging. Some computer programs have been made to teach our children how to write, read, and spell. There may also be a large amount of children that have gotten more knowledge through using such programs and have succeeded immensely. Many programs developed throughout our technologies history have been proven to heighten children’s learning abilities. Such programs include, matching, problem solving, and even skill building.

Another pro that can be considered when figuring out the impact of computer use on childhood development, falls under the category of learning how to navigate and being able to achieve in certain games that allow your child to defeat various challenges and levels. Completing these goals can build a child’s confidence and make them feel like a winner. Some computer games let you choose how difficult or easy you want the game to be allowing almost anyone to accomplish a challenge.

Whether your child is at a young age or is approaching their teen years, some computer programs were made to be more of a menace to your child’s development. Be aware of these games, for they can ruin your child’s ability to learn with just one click. If your child is becoming obsessed with a certain computer game and tends to be getting more lazy around the house, then it is time to try intervening and helping your child find more upbeat activities to engage in.

Another important factor that you should consider while figuring out the impact of computer use on childhood development, is the ratings on the games your children choose to play. Some computer games are extremely violent and include high rating content that most children should not be able to get their hands on. These games can invite hostile emotions that may impact your child to the point of acting out the characters in the game, causing a problem for not only your child, but for everyone that lives in the home.

There are definitely some important factors that need to be explored before purchasing any computer program for your child or children. Try looking up the program on-line first to see what the rating is or if the program has any qualities to help your child in their learning development. Also, don’t forget to check the rating on any computer games your child purchases or brings into the home. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the safety of what kind of content your child may be engaging in.