The Art of Magic

The art of magic begins for many at an early age whether it is at his or her birthday party or school play. It is a craft that has to be practiced constantly. In your mind it is a wonder that anything can be accomplished all because there is so much to learn and the time you need to learn one trick seems to take forever before it is perfected.

Then it happens, you have completed your first trick without a hitch and you are ready for the next one because you get so excited. You are ready to learn another trick and you want to be able to show your friends as soon as you see them. This one is not coming as easy, but, you do not give up. It takes a couple of more days and it comes together and you now have two tricks under your belt. You show the tricks to your mom and she claps loudly for you and you are full of pride and run back to your room and get ready to work on the third one.

You are hooked and for now you have definitely decided you want to be magician when you grow up. This is a familiar statement from many young children. There is only one thing that remains to make this happen and that is the commitment of time to practice to master the skills for the tricks and illusions.

You will find that in the beginning this is not an expensive field to get into as a young child. So, by the time you figure out if this is something that you really want to do then you will be old enough to understand the next trick or prop you want to try and since it is larger the amount of time and discipline needed to complete it .

The art of magic can be a wonderful fulfilling experience when it is learned correctly and the desired results are gained. It is also the first time you call yourself a magician. Any time you doubt yourself just think back to what has done your eye and why you decided to become a magician and you will certainly renew the energy within yourself.