Coffee Shops Before the Espresso Machines – Barista History

Coffee shops or coffeehouses & cafés as they're also known as are shops that sell professionally prepared coffee and other hot drinks. These kinds of shop have reached now for around 500 years.
Numerous myths involving the introduction of coffee to Turkey at a "Kiva Han" at the end of the 15th century flow in culinary tradition, but with no real proof.

Coffeeshops in Mecca soon became a problem as destinies for political gatherings to the Imams who had them baked, as well as the coffee drink for Muslims between 1510 and 1525. In 1530 the 1st cafe was opened in Damascus then the bug soon spread to Cairo.

In the 1600's coffee was seen for the first time in main land Europe outside of the Ottoman Empire. Cafes were beginning and soon became a popular feature. The 1st real coffee shop in Western Europe started in Venice, a result of the high volume of traffic between La Serenissima and the Ottomans. The very 1st coffee shop was recorded in 1645. The first cafe in England was set up in Oxford around 1650 by a man called Jacob in the building now known as "The Grand Cafe". A plaque on the wall still recognizes this and the Cafe is now a popular cocktail bar.

In 1675 there was more than three thousand coffeeshops in England. An Armenian man by the name of Pascal opened Paris' first coffee stall in the early 1670's that was inevitably a failure and the French had to wait until the late1680's for its first real coffee shop when Procopio Cut op opened Café Procope. This shop is still open today.

America's first coffee shop was in Boston in the mid 1670's. Coffee, tea and beer were often served together in shop that functioned as cafés and bars.

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