The Baseball Fan's Ultimate Experience

There are many baseball players who can not get enough of the game. These fans love their baseball so much that they want to play it all year long. Baseball is a game in which statistics play a huge role in determining which players play on certain teams today, and fuels debts over generations as to who were the greatest players of all time. Baseball fans are all similar in a way of having a strange kind of love affair with the statistical aspect of the game. A true baseball fan will always be able to tell you some statistics from the current season or from seasons past.

Baseball fans are always looking for a way to simulate a season to attempt to have it play out similar to how it would in real life. They have used everything from dice and cards, to computer and console systems to try to get a realistic baseball simulation experience. The dice and cards is actually the most accurate statistically, although this does not offer any visual presentation. The early console games were pleasant to look at while playing, but always produced unrealistic results and statistics. Until recently, a company out in California has produced a series that looks awesome and will produce realistic results.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has developed a baseball video game where a fan can be a part of the game and have the ultimate baseball experience. They have created a game which combines statistics and human element to produce amazing results in a baseball game. The options are incredible in this game as the user has the flexibility to play their own season, franchise, or attempt to create themselves in the game and make a run to the big leagues. What makes this game so special, is that SCEA has implemented a system where a baseball player will go through hot and cold streaks through a season. The user will have a significant impact on the player results, but you will not be able to hit for an unrealistic average or have an unrealistic ERA. The baseball foundations that play out in this game are also extremely accurate. The computer knows how to execute the way a real baseball team would in real life.

If you want to have a competitive experience and manage a baseball team while being involved in every pitch, then SCEA has developed a game that you will love. They not only continue to improve this experience every year, they actually take advice from the baseball fans who play the game to continue to improve it. The team who makes this game actually plays the game and wants it to be as realistic as possible.