Top 10 Most Popular Baseball Caps For Serious Fans and Casual Wearers

Millions of baseball caps are sold every year, appealing to baseball fans and casual wearers who appreciate their function as a practical form of protective headwear. With individual logos that automatically mark the wearer as a fan of a particular sports franchise, or for those who simply want to wear an item with a connection to an iconic sporting symbol, these wholesale hats are hot sellers. Here are the top 10 most popular baseball caps on the market today.

1. The World Series of 2012 cave the San Francisco Giants a second title in three seasons. It's no wonder long-time fans and new converters to the game take great pride in wearing the "SFG" logo that stands for one of the oldest and most successful teams in the history of this great American sport.

2. Similarly, the bright red cap with a white interlocking "STL" represents the St. Louis. Louis Cardinals, the World Series Champions of 2011, and one of the most popular hats in the game.

Catalogs of sports equipment show caps were included as part of baseball uniforms as far back as the l880's. Back then, sectional caps made from solid-color wool material were created with a curved brim pointing forward to shield players' eyes from the sun. The cap's function was born and its design remains basically unchanged. Light and cool fabrics such as cotton or a cotton-synthetic blend are cut to create today's caps, with colors carefully chosen and logos placed front and center on a stiffened plastic coated panel. The brim of each cap creates an effective visor to protect the eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

3. Thousand of stitches are used to produce computer designed logos such as the stylized "A" and the red tomahawk of the Atlanta Braves.

4. The white wishbone "C" insignia of the Cincinnati Reds is perfectly reproduced and sown onto the front of each one of these wholesale hats for the number four position.

Although hats bearing the logos of other professional sports teams are taken-after, caps with the insignia of Major League Baseball teams are in demand. Sometimes their appeal has less to do with a team's winning streak than what the emblem represents.

5. The unmistakable "NY" logo stitched in white makes a New York Yankees hat number five for the team as well as the person who wants to be identified with The Big Apple.

6. The sixth position goes to the Boston Red Sox ball cap that is both trendy and instantly recognizable.

7. When the logo spells "Sox" as in Chicago White Sox you know you've got a fan favorite.

8. The "LA" for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is another example of how baseball caps that are made well will attract interest and promote sales.

Although it's not a slight against their state, the last two positions go to Pennsylvania teams

9. The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series recently and that keeps their hats at a premium for the fans and still in the top ten.

10. Finally, although Pittsburgh Pirates fans may argue the point, these baseball hats are easy to stock because they usually come in one-size-fits-all with a strap in the back made of plastic, Velcro or elastic that adjusts to fit a wide range of head sizes.

Although some people prefer fitted baseball hats that require head size measurements to ensure a proper fit, the adjustable model is made to fit the head snugly without being too tight, and is well-suited to women and children who like to try on different cap styles and colors before choosing the right one.