Baseball Coaching Digest – Stop and See – 1st & 3rd Double Steal Base Running Play

Name – "1st & 3rd Stop and See Steal" Play

Type of Play – Offensive

Situation – Runners at 1st and 3rd base with 2 outs.

Objective – The oath will use this play to achieve one of the following 3 results:

1. The first base runner wants to steal and draw a throw to 2B in hopes of scoring the third base runner.

2. The first base runner will advance to 2B if a throw down is not made by the catcher.

3. The first base runner will try to create a rundown if a throw down is made. The offensive tries to force a defensive error or "buy time" for the third base runner to score.


The first base runner will take his normal lead. He wants to make sure that he does not get picked off by the pitcher. The offensive team wants the catcher to throw to second. The third base runner will take an aggressive but safe lead. The third base runner will make sure that the catcher's throw down clears the pitcher or any possible cut-off man. The 1B runner will execute a straight steal and will look in, like a hit and run, but he is reading the catcher's actions and not the batter's contact. The batter will be taking the pitch.

If the 1B runner sees the ball going down to second, he will stop. He will stop and retreat quickly back toward first base. If the defense quickly throws to first base, he will get in a run down. If the defense throws to home to get the third base runner who has his break for home, the 1B runner will advance on to second base. The third base runner will also read the catcher's actions. He will expect a full-arm fake and check back to third base. If the catcher releases the ball towards second base, the third base runner will make sure that the ball clears the pitcher and any possible cut-off man. If the 3B runner "reads the ball through", it breaks hard and slides hard in home.

How do you stop it?

It is hard for the defense to stop this play. They are not aware that the 1B runner may stop. The best method of defending this play is for the shortstop or second baseman to take the throw and quickly throw to home plate. The defense must communicate.

Points to Remember?

1. The 1B runner has to make sure not get picked and that he properly reads the catcher.

2. The third base runner must take an aggressive but safe lead. He is expecting a pitcher or infield cut or a full-arm fake by the catcher.

3. The "stop and see" play is great for scoring a "cheap" run when the weak part of the batting order is up.