Getting Recruited to Play College Baseball – Use a Press Release For Promoting Yourself to Coaches

In order to get the word out about yourself and your abilities it is highly recommended that you write a simple but interesting press release to announce the fact that you are applying to college baseball. It used to be that you had to hire a professional writer and public relations company to write and distribute your press release but now it is easier and more efficient then ever. There are dozens of press release distribution websites available on the internet that will allow you to distribute your press release for free. Many of these websites will also instruct you on how to write the release and what common mistakes to avoid.

The ultimate goal of any press release is to have multiple, national media outlets pick up the story. This free press could raise the eyebrows of key coaches and put you in the spotlight. At the very least, your player press release will be picked up by the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Therefore, if a college coach searches for you online, your press release will come up and he will be able to read about you and your accomplishments. What this does is show the college coach that you are serious and methodical about your college recruitment efforts.

What to include in the press release:

1) At the bottom you should put all of your contact information including your phone number, address, email address and an active web link to your player video. Remember, you want to have all of your promotional materials interconnected on the web. This will create a synergistic effect on your marketing and promotional efforts.

2) Wrap your press release content around an interesting story that has to do with you baseball career or even your personal life. For example: Have you overcome any unusual difficulties in your life to achieve your current accomplishments? Have you overcome any obstacles such as physical illness or poverty? You should be the hero of the press release. Have you helped any people or organizations in your personal life? Have you made a difference in the personal life of anyone less fortunate than you? You can take this story and create a "human interest" story that will appeal to the editors at national and local media. Make yourself stand out and above the crowd to get noticed.

When you are finished writing your player press release be sure that you have active url links to your player video and player profile. The press release is not designed to be a tool that will instantly make a coach to decide to recruit you. Instead, the player press release is really designed to work as an essential piece of a larger, more comprehensive campaign. It may function something like this. A coach receives your letter by regular mail and you spark an interest because he is looking for a shortstop who can hit the ball too. However, just as he is finishing the letter he gets distracted by some business at hand. He lays down the letter on his desk. When he comes back to your letter over an hour later he hopes most of what he read in the letter except that you were a good shortstop. So he looks at your name and gets on his computer. He goes to Google and enters in your name. He reads your press release and is not only impressed with your ability to play ball but is now impressed by your other achievements and by the fact that you take your college baseball recruitment very seriously.