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Chromium and Prostate Health

Chromium is a trace element found in tiny amounts throughout the body. The main function of chromium deals with glucose metabolism. This is important for prostate health because research suggests that a higher risk of prostate disorders is associated with high blood sugar levels. A higher risk of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) is associated with

Grandfather Clock Movement – 3 Types of Clock Movement

Long case clocks, tallcase clocks, and grandfather longcase clocks refer to the same thing. Grandfather clocks have many names and they happen to be among the ancient models existing today. A typical grandfather clock is tall, freestanding and its pendulum is fitted inside a lovely long narrow casing. The ancient clocks were plainly mechanical wooden

How to Start a Discount Card Business

Things you will need: Business cards, business cards, and more business cards! You can easily find 1,000 quality cards for under $25, and this is an essential tool when promoting your service to local businesses. Your business name. Something catchy, something available, and something that will appeal to your community. Registering your business name is