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Sex Education in Schools Pros and Cons

Sex education is the act of informing younger and adult generations about everything they need to know about sex. Sex education is one of the most controversial issues in education, which has been floating on educational institutions since ages. Sex education is not just about sex. It includes other sensitive issues like sexual health, sexual

10 Strategies For Lifetime Wellness

Learn 10 strategies to help you achieve lifetime wellness and maximize your quality of life. Strategies include exercise, nutrition, breathing techniques, lifetime learning and more… 1. Regular Chiropractic Care First and foremost, we must ask the question, “Why do people get sick?” We now know that the majority of health problems are caused by stress:

What’s Hanging? Why It’s Considered Bad Luck to Walk Under a Ladder

Black cats, Friday the 13th, sidewalk cracks and ladders all have something in common. They are part of a long tradition of superstitions. Superstitions are plentiful in every culture, tradition, industry and career. Baseball teams are full of rituals and superstitions. Theatre has lively and entertaining superstitions. Common superstitions include bad luck the follows cracking

Marilyn Monroe Artwork by Andy Warhol

Andrew Warhola (known as Andy Warhol) painted a variety of paintings of the actress Marilyn Monroe after she committed suicide in 1962. Warhol made it his goal to mass-produce his art by using a method called silk screen. This method involves enlarging and transferring a photo on to silk. A variety of colors are printed

Facts About VPN

VPN or virtual private network is typically used to provide employees remote access to a secure company network. An example would be an employee who needs to access the company’s computer programs or applications, or files that are only within the company’s server. If your company had a VPN connection installed in the company’s system,

Preventing Accidents Happened By Electricity

Wherever electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, wiring and outlets are located, indoors or outdoors, caution must be exercised in testing, repairing or replacing them. Faulty house wiring, broken or frayed cords, damaged sockets and switches are dangerous. If you have any doubts about their efficiency and safety, replace them at once! Never undertake any electrical repair

Michelle Obama – Does She Wear Size 11 Shoes?

Michelle Obama, the new First Lady of the United States of America is an inspiration to American women. She is an incredible role model for young women everywhere. Stay-at-home moms, working women, college graduates and CEO’s, are inextricably tied to Michelle. On January 21, 2009, we watched this incredible woman hold Lincoln’s bible as she took

How To Start A Concrete Polishing Business

Be it for floors or foundations, countertops or patios, the importance of cement cannot be undermined. This has become such an integral part of our homes and commercial buildings that people are now even growing increasingly interested in cement furniture. It is not incorrect to say that concrete will always be needed. There will also

Earning Your Rank I Masters Plus 30 in Counseling

Would you like to be at the top of your career field? Would you like to earn a pay increase? If you are a teacher or school administrator, earning your Rank I certification may improve your chances of achieving these goals. In Kentucky, teachers or school administrators can achieve an additional ranking certification, also known

What To Look For In Elliptical Machines

Purchasing an elliptical trainer is an investment. It’s actually a rather large investment, not only financially, but also more importantly, in your health and fitness. You want to make the right buying decision since so much is at stake. I’ve heard about too many people who purchase the wrong elliptical trainer and then wind up