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Increasing Crime and Society

Today’s newspapers are flooded with day light robbery cases, theft, murders etc. which are rampant everywhere. Nobody is sure about his safety as the criminals are always ready to snatch our lives just for a little amount of money. There are many cases where the hardcore criminals commit heinous crimes and put lives of common

Baby Hand Casting – Home Based Business for Moms

You’ve probably seen examples of this wonderful art form on TV or on the internet- full size, 3 dimensional, stone sculptures of baby hands and feet. These are called LifeCasts. You’ve probably wondered how they did it and most people assume that it is very complicated or expensive to do. Not so… The materials and

What is a Traditional Nursery School?

Traditional preschools are also known as structured or cognitive schools. Here are 10 features of a traditional preschool: 1) There is a set curriculum with specific goals for the children. 2) There might be a free-choice period, but there is a strong emphasis on formal instruction. 3) Goals are built around teaching children math, letters,

Alternative Health Careers – Five Occupational Options

As the field of natural healing therapies continues to grow, so does the demand for alternative health careers. Some of the diverse healthcare occupations that alternative and complementary medicine offer prospective students include healing arts disciplines in massage therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, natural health, and acupuncture, among many others. Today’s alternative health careers like massage

Helpful Tips When Attending an Autograph Signing

* Bring items to get signed * Bring your own pens – always bring the type of pen you want signed, usually a black/blue sharpie or black/blue ballpoint pen. All of the sports gatherings events will have pens readily available for the players to sign; however, there are times when the ink will run out.

3 Weird But True Internet Laws

There are all kinds of internet laws; good ones, bad ones, and some that are just plain weird. The weird but true internet laws are what we are going to focus on today. These three laws come from all around the world, and can really make you shake your head in wonder at the sheer

Christian Time Management in 7 Easy Steps

As a Christian – Time management is more than a day-planner or a set schedule. It’s about having an eternal focus with daily resolve. Here are 7 quick tips to help you manage each day with less effort. Keep life simple. Fight the nasty spirits of overwhelm, distraction and complication. As you go through each

Ancient Greek Writing – 3 Important Writing Styles

In its earliest days of being written, Mycenaean Greek was written using a syllabary. However, for nearly 2700 years, Greek has been written using an alphabet. As with other writing systems, over time, different writing styles developed. Similar to how modern English has many variations from cursive to script writing and uppercase to lowercase letters,