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Strategic Business Units

Strategic business units are self contained divisions formed within an organization for dealing with specific business concerns. These units pull together the diverse parts of the concerned organization while cutting across the geographical and diverse lines for serving a specific market in a more efficient manner. These strategic business units are also referred to as

Business Debt

Business debt can be a difficult subject to tackle. Any business owner or executive can tell you how hard it is to run a business. Unlike the nine to five racket, owning a business means that your income will be irregular, maybe lots of money came in last month and next to nothing this month.

Business Growth – Ethical Best Practices, Part One

“If you build that foundation, both the moral and the ethical foundation, as well as the business foundation, and the experience foundation, then the building won’t crumble.” Henry Kravis In light of the devastating impact of Enron and Tyco, the disappointing baseball steroid scandal, NE Patriots’ Spygate as well as a plethora of political missteps,

Benefits of Business Aviation

Business aviation continues to grow because of its many benefits. All those who want to make the best use of their travel time and continue working or have meetings in safe, private environment use it. Here are some of the real benefits of business aviation. Plan your own travel itinerary Having a corporate aircraft available

Getting Business Finance

Surprisingly, despite current trade, there are still large numbers of people who are setting up in business. Proof perhaps that the well ingrained entrepreneurial instincts of the American people live on. However, you might think that with all the stories in the press, that the banks are now completely unwilling to lend their support by

Is Your Business a "Service" or a "Brand"?

Do you remember the early cell phones? The first one was made available to the public in 1984 (the year I started my business). It weighed an unimaginable 1.75 pounds and earned the nickname “The Brick.” It cost $4,000 and had a battery life of only 30 minutes! But do you recall the brand of

SEO Business Strategy

SEO is no longer a new word in the Business industry. It is the ladder to business growth. Needless to say that the competition is tough and that is why we need something more than just marketing. People have tried hard to woo customers and retain them. However, not all of them have been successful.

Business Seminars

Business seminars are probably one of the best methods of finding out useful information from the people that have actually done what you have been trying to do, or hope to be doing. Business speakers are usually hired by companies to give talks to their managers on specific areas of business, usually done when they

Business Convention Planning

Conventions provide you with a favorable time as you obtain a good opportunity of getting together with the other business owners, consultants, vendors and professionals in the field. Hence, one should go for the business convention planning. Setting up a successful meeting, convention or trade show requires reliable, wide-ranging information that will let the decision-maker

Business for Pleasure

We might be in the electronic gaming era, but it's more like a fun game of Monopoly this business for pleasure of sport franchise ownership. The stakes are high, spending free, and visible worries few. Despite the escalating fees for entry into the game, personal franchise ownership hasn't been replaced by corporations. Of 121 big