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Equity Financing: The Accountants’ Perspective

Growing up it has always been said that one can raise capital or finance business with either its personal savings, gifts or loans from family and friends and this idea continue to persist in modern business but probably in different forms or terminologies. It is a known fact that, for businesses to expand, it’s prudent

Viral Marketing for Success

One of the ways to advertise your web sites, blogs and / or products is with viral marketing. Viral marketing is a new concept becoming broadly accepted and is usually defined as a free way to create a buzz about your business through word of mouth. Today, there are many ways to jumpstart your web

The Attraction in Attraction Marketing is YOU!

Do NOT try Network Marketing until you read THIS! Those that have failed at network marketing, have failed by doing exactly what they were trained to do. It's not their fault that they have failed; however, the fault lies with their sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for giving outdated advice to their down line. This

What Drives the Internet Marketing Industry?

There are really few limits to what can be sold on the World Wide Web. Anything, from digital products to tangible goods to services promised, can be sold online. But how to sell them? And how do you convince people to buy from you? That, of course, is the key question. While there are many

Successful Marketing Ideas

The search for successful marketing ideas is, happily, an endless one. And there are many opportunities to learn from the search as the days turn into weeks which evolve into months. And while great direct marketing specialists and webmasters with superior internet marketing ploys that they use on every occasion, sometimes the most successful marketing