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2 Types Of Psychic Guides

There are two main types of psychic guides, they are: Spirit world guides Receiving guidance from the spirit world is very different from receiving your own guidance, it is often easy to listen to what your loved ones in the spirit world have to say but if you would not take their advice when they

The Difference Between the Lotto and Lottery

What is the difference between the lotto and the lottery? Let’s start with the definitions of both: The lotto – A random drawing with a prize going to the winner. The lottery – A random drawing with a prize going to the winner. Do these definitions sound similar? Yes, actually, they are exactly the same.

Mother – Pulse of Life

Mom… When I decided to write about you my pen is stopped on the pulse, and my hands are frozen, not for nothing but because my mind and my heart have not been able to express even a word about your soul pure. I begged for my memory so much to help and provide me

Tracking Gorillas in the Wilderness

Deep in Uganda’s south-west lies the forested region of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. There are numerous ways to access the nearby town of Kisoro but the most popular option is an adventure on its own. I make the ten-hour journey from Entebbe in a four-wheel drive. The road is long, dry and bumpy, my driver

Unusual Uses For Ceramics

Just as in the field of plastics, scientists are coming up with new ways to use ceramic materials. They have already proven to be stronger than steel in many applications, and they have properties that make them the ideal choice in the automotive industry, aerospace technology, dentistry, and prosthetics. Long considered to be a material

Teacher Education and Teacher Quality

1.0 INTRODUCTION One of the sectors which fosters national development is education by ensuring the development of a functional human resource. The institution of strong educational structures leads to a society populated by enlightened people, who can cause positive economic progress and social transformation. A Positive social transformation and its associated economic growth are achieved

Your Home Is Not Safe For Your Children!

More and more children in Queensland are being injured in the home and yet what is amazing is that the rooms most parents think are benign are some of the most dangerous areas for children. In this article we are going to look at some of the danger areas parents need to look at when

Early Childhood Development and the Benefits of Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

The American Academy of Pediatrics defines early childhood as the ages between one and five years, encompassing the toddler and pre-school periods. Early childhood development occurs rapidly and is widely recognized as extremely important in setting the foundation for future learning, including the social, cognitive, and motor skills needed to handle the demands of pre-school