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New Syllabus 2005 – English Language For Secondary Schools, Form I – IV

INTRODUCTION Tanzania is among African countries, which right after independence started to take measures on education developments through policies formulation, reviews, adjustments, and improvements. These measures include curriculum design and development for schools to meet national goals on education. English as one of the subjects taught in all education levels from primary school to tertiary

How To Make Elementary School More Fun

Each year teachers asks themselves how they can make school more fun. There is a reason teachers desperately want their students to have fun in school. Laughing and having a good time means that the brain is actively engaged. When the brain is working, sparking, and functioning, learning occurs. It doesn’t take a circus to

UBC's School of Architecture-Landscape Architecture Environmental Design Program: Review From Within

Each year, hundreds of students from around the world apply to UBC's Environmental Design Program, but only 25 are chosen each year. Acceptance is based on academies, diversity of courses taken, strength and bread of portfolio work, quality of written portions of the application, outstanding reference letters and the level of uniqueness that a student

The Importance of Initial Assessment

Initial assessment is an essential part of fair and effective admission procedures. It is used by governing bodies to determine the level of a learner whether or not he/ she is qualified for acceptance and/or to determine the level of the learner. An assessment may be formal or informal. Formal may include telephone interview, essay,

Why You Are Too Depressed to Go to School

There are many reasons students get too depressed to go to school and you might have one of them, these reasons are: You don’t feel you belong to the school You switch between different schools You changed the place you live in and your school followed You have social problems in school A recent study

The Importance of Nursery School

Many parents may be wondering if they really need to put their kids in nursery school. A lot of people think it is fine to put their children in school at the age of five for kindergarten. The immeasurable value of early education cannot be underestimated. Many parents may consider daycare over early education. The

Pros and Cons of Private Christian Schools

Christian schools are a type of private school specifically catered to people of the Christian religion and because of this there are great debates on their pros and cons. Christian schools offer a wide range of pros including the teaching of Christian morals, ethics and knowledge of the Bible; they also have high standards of