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Art Manifesto

“Only as an aesthetic phenomenon can the world be justified” F. Nietzsche Since the beginning of time humanity has recorded its existence in some sort of artistic form. These expressions have been the source of much that we know of how we perceive and experience existence: The sacrificial wonders of Montezuma, the slavery and opulence

Chi and Martial Arts

If you have ever watched a martial arts competition or especially if you watch them regularly you may notice that some competitors make it seem effortless. Their form is seemingly perfect but does not look rehearsed. They seem to flow from move to another and even in the middle of a fierce battle it seems

Fine Wall Arts For Your Kid's Room

As you are designing your kid's room, it is important that you pick the important pieces first. The major fixtures such as the bed, tables, and chairs are the priority. Also, you will need to check their quality to make sure that your child's room is safe. Other than this, you should try to pick

African Masks The Art of Creation

With western eyes we tend to view a tribal mask as a piece of fantastic sculpture. It is a decorative object to be displayed and enjoyed as a work of art. A piece of art that allows us to touch the world of the other, which we vaguely understand. Yet for the people who created

101 Tattoo Facts

1: An Ohio restaurant specializing in cheeseburgers offers a lifetime 25% discount for anyone who has a tattoo of a cheeseburger and at an unrelated tattoo studio in a nearby town, they’re offering a 25% discount on cheeseburger tattoos- Sounds suspicious.2: Tattoos are rarely done in ink, what is commonly called inks, are actually suspended

Landscape Art

Landscape painting depicts mainly natural scenery of trees, mountains, forests, river valleys, lakes, and stormy seas or beach in sunset. Especially drawing where the subject is a vista, with all its components are juxtaposed consistently in the whole composition. But often these panoramas work as backdrops of other depictions. Since panoramic view, weather condition is

Art Galleries Of Truth And Beauty

Art galleries house the finest achievements that a civilization has to offer. When all is said and done, human beings do have to offer themselves more than eating mating and sleeping. They can create things of beauty and these last beyond the lives of individuals, and become part of a culture. That is why people

Mastering The Art of Drawing People

All budding artists want to learn how to draw people – are you one of them? It’s not that easy. There’s a great deal going on with the human face from muscles, skin texture, flesh tones and color, hair, veins and drooping flesh. When we learn how to draw people, we’re learning to master the

Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts for Kids

It’s Thanksgiving and you are you trying to get dinner ready, maybe watch the game and the kids are underfoot. Why not keep them busy with some Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids? Here are some easy and quick projects to keep your kids entertained. Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids can be simple and