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Art and Politics: The Cunning Compatibility?

In every society, art and politics do not always move along too well. While in some political circumstances art is considered as a tool for achieving certain political strategies, in other instances, art is viewed as an enemy of State (government). This is for two obvious reasons. The first reason is that, political activities like

Martial Arts Heroines

During the fifth and sixth centuries, Zen Buddhist monks and nuns brought from India to China yoga and Indian fist-fighting techniques similar to modern karate. These fighting techniques came in handy in war-torn China. Indeed, learning to fight was as common as learning to cook or pour tea. Survival for men, women, and even children

5 Reasons to Appreciate Art

1. Because visual art can be a voice for change in the world. When people are inspired by art, they dream. They believe in something bigger than themselves. Art can and does change the world every day! 2. You can use visual art to connect with the youth in ways you couldn’t without it. All

Ancient African Art

African art is a terrific blend of visual imagery, spiritual beliefs and social purpose. The ancient African art mainly represented the religious beliefs and cultural ideas through the various artifacts, namely masks and figures. Apart from masks and figures that were used in religious ceremonies, these beliefs and ideas also found artistic expression in a

Original Abstract Art – How to Start

Interested in painting a piece of original abstract art (art created by you)? You know that you have never done so before. Well read on for a few some tips that may be able to help you reach that goal. To create an piece of original abstract art, you must develop a strong imagination and

Fine Art Photography and Today's Global Artists

In recent years the boundaries between different photography fields are becoming more and more blurred. Traditionally it was easy to distinguish the different features of the work of fine art photographers, commercial photographers, photojournalists and others. The Photojournalist tells a story, the commercial photographer sells a product and the fine art photographer transmits a message

Amazing Chinese Art

Chinese art has the oldest continuous tradition in the world, and is marked by an unusual degree of continuity of that tradition opposing to the equivalent in the West with Western collapse and gradual recovery of classical styles. Apart from paintings, the tradition of ink wash painting, practiced mainly by scholar-officials and court painters especially

One Way To Choose A Martial Arts School

Choosing a Martial Arts School is not something to be taken lightly, although it shouldn't be something you stress over either. Martial Arts (whether Taekwondo, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, etc.) has the power to transform a life for the better in almost every way imaginable (confidence, fitness, focus, patience, good character …). However, if the right