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4 Ways To Make Your First Art Sale Online

When I was eight years old, I had high hopes of one day having a career as a flourishing artist. I would spend hours drawing, coloring, and painting hoping to improve my skills. Unfortunately, like most artists, my dreams were eventually shattered by the opinions of others who were “kind enough” to let me know

Buying Art on the Internet

Nowadays you do not even have to leave your house if you want to see or buy artwork, because the best way of finding original and innovative art, and also classical art of course, is to perform a search on the Internet. the Internet has changed the art market, because it can offer an extremely

History of Art Deco Style and Studies

Art is described as the process or product of arranging different symbolic elements in such a way that they can affect emotion, intellect and senses. There are many ways to express different aspects of art. This includes the basic of painting or drawing, but art can also be expressed in forms of sculpture, music, writing,

Jobs For Artists Online

I had considered myself a professional artist for years before "breaking out" into art sales in 2006. I had worked freelance online before that, but I never had a real art job. I did indeed start working for a cartoon company and had a short run at that, but I soon found out that jobs

Met Art Photography

As diverse as cultures and people of the world are, so are types of photography. Different from aerial, glamor kirlian and classical photography, Met art photography is a special category of photography that entails taking photographs of nude teens. This category provides the world with the most comprehensive collection of pictures. Kindly note that this

Contemporary Ghanaian Performing Arts

Contemporary Ghanaian performing arts have been influenced by foreign culture, technology, and education. It is a synergy of the indigenous performing arts with the Western cultural forms of performing arts. There are three main forms of performing arts practiced by the Ghanaians today. These are music, dance, and drama. Music Ghanaian contemporary music has been

How To Create An Artist's Brand

Whether you are ready to embrace a commercialized market, or whether you are content to approach a consumer one at a time, many reasons exist for creating an artist brand. In the truest sense, your artist brand can make the same statement you portrait through your art. This may be visual art or sculpture, or