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Art Without Meaning – Is It Worthy of the Name?

They have been used to embellish monumental structures such as pharonic tombs, cathedrals and mosques, palaces and Parliament Houses. Many still exist today, as examples of skilled craftsmanship but they are not Art – they are decoration. The sciences of Archaelogy and Anthropology show us the purpose of Art. I think it can be described

Art is a Caricature

Creative abstraction Art is a caricature, an emphasis on the essence of an ordinary, everyday subject. Everything around us can be seen as an ordinary everyday subject or any single thing around us can be isolated and its beauty and uniqueness revealed by close study. The character or uniqueness of anything is realized by focusing

Abstract Painting – Art Without Meaning

Can art be of importance without meaning? Must "good" art convey the zeitgeist of the times in which it was created? Does "depth of meaning" correlate directly to "goodness" of art? A definition of terms here would be of value but the terms in question are so based on individual and subjective opinion that the

Art Inspiration Can Be Derived From Dreams

A person may have a million recollections during a lifetime. However, most of these remembrances are infinitesimal, with only room for a few truly profound experiences to influence one's destiny; One's life path. As I began to really focus on art at the beginning of my high school career, I found that inspiration does not

Art As a Means of Expression

Art fairs are a very popular form of entertainment for the creative spirits of the world. An art fair is basically a large event that, most times, everyone is invited too. At this extravaganza, there are large tables and display boards with a lot of different types of creative work set up everywhere. This is

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is a non-profit community arts center located two miles east of midtown Atlanta on Briarcliff Road. The property consists of twelve beautifully landscaped acres tucked between the Virginia-Highland and Druid Hills neighborhoods. The center itself is a 27,000 square foot Gothic Tudor style mansion that was completed in 1920. Callanwolde was

Art Canvas Supplies For Different Needs

If you are looking for art canvas supplies it is important to fully understand the different types of canvases available to artists. Some will be purchased in bulk and then sized to meet your needs, while other will be ready to use. Four Types of Art Canvas Supplies 1. Canvas by the Yard. This type

Glass Mosaic Art

Glass mosaic art has been practiced for thousands of years, spanning back to Ancient Egypt, where it was initially used in palaces and tombs. The Egyptians were the first to discover the versatility of glass, later learning to use it not only to decorate their jewelry, but also to adorn their ships. In time, glass