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Art As a Healing Tool

Teachers, and school counselors have understood for years the power of Art in soothing souls. When skills are developed and honed, art can be highly effective in treating trauma or crisis. Learning to apply the expressive arts to heal pain, requires understanding the elements of a "crisis", and the goals and objectives in crisis intervention.

Buying Art – What and Where Should You Buy

As in life, nothing concerning the world of art is ever certain. While art prices have remained relatively buoyant, even in this difficult economy, things can always take a turn for better or worse at any moment. Despite this fact, many people have become very rich over the last few years due, in large part,

Framed Art

By displaying framed art in your home or office, you are complimenting any room you place them in. The best aspect of framed art is that it is quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. Framed art is typically purchased to match décor in a person’s home. With such a huge selection available these days you are

An Introduction to Nail Art

Nail art is an exclusive niche that is gaining popularity in recent times. This may be because Hollywood stars like to flaunt the newest styles and right now the focus is on nail art. Nail art nowadays is seen basically as an extension to the myriad personality of the stars, Hollywood or otherwise. You too

Arts and Crafts for Kids

Isn't it funny how times change ?. In yesteryear, kids were really fascinated about all kinds of art and crafts. Nevertheless, in this day and age, most children are so into electronics like cellular phones, and iPods, and video games. It can be hard to get your nipper up and away from the television screen.

Body Art Painting – Tattoos No Longer Taboo

It was not too long ago that tattoos were considered taboo and were frowned upon by the majority of society. Such entities were only found on bikers, ex-convicts, and miscreants of all forms. However, today body art painting is considered a valid art form and is steadily gaining popularity. The artists have training much like

A New Age for the Graphic Arts

When we look at the past years of the great artists who surprised us with their feats of discipline, rigor and an almost divine ability, even before the Renaissance, when graphic arts defined religion and paintings were venerated as sacred elements, no one imagined the possibilities that technology would give to the new generations of

Art and Design Online Degrees

If you are creative or have an artistic side then considering about earning a degree in art and design can never be a bad idea. Perhaps, if you are one of those who wish to make it big in the creative arts then deciding to go for an art degree could be your first step.

How to Choose a Martial Arts School

To reap the best benefits from martial arts, they should be taken as long term activities rather than short term. Given this suggestion, one should not just simply walk into the closest martial arts studio and sign up right away without doing some research. Not all martial arts are alike and not all schools or