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How to Buy From Online Art Galleries in India?

India is a glorious land of art and culture, and this Asian country has always been associated with amazing art objects, from the cave paintings of Maharashtra to the sculptures of Khajuraho to the magnificent murals in temples of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and other places, mosques and palaces of royalties in different states and so

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts, better known as MMA, is a form of sports that involves the use of a mixture of martial art combat techniques to win over the opponent. MMA has become very popular in recent years and MMA championships like the "UFC" or Ultimate Fighting Championships have become very popular. MMA began with pitting

Art Education – More Than Meets The Eye

What do kids learn from art? More than you might think! At a time when funding for arts education is being cut in favor of math and language arts, it's important to realize all that the arts can do for our children. Art builds the imagination, fosters creativity and problem solving, and develops fine motor

Martial Arts for a Fun Summer Activity

Martial arts has become very main stream in the US in recent years. It use to be somewhat challenging finding a school (dojo), but even more challenging finding a school that would take young children. But all that has changed now. Many programs start children as young as three or four. Because of the influx

How To Select The Best Martial Arts School

If you are considering studying the martial arts, there are some important issues to consider before joining a dojang. You should visit a variety of schools before you make up your mind to begin training. You should begin looking online or in the phone book for martial arts schools and visit at least 3-4 schools

Developing an Eclectic Personal Art Collection

Art collecting is not only for the rich; it requires no specialized training or education and if done correctly, can offer a lifetime of personal satisfaction and entertainment. There is however a mentality that only very wealthy people can have an art collection. This is a completely incorrect assumption. Many collections start with just one

Art – The Creation of Beautiful Things

The dictionary gives quite a few definitions of the word "art" and distinguishes it's creation as pertains to painting, music, or writing. The common sense question then becomes, "Is art learned or an innate sense, present from birth springing forth at the earliest opportunity." It is interesting to notice small children who, when given an

A Study of Mass Production in Art – Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was an ethnic Slovak, born and brought up by Russian parents in Pittsburgh (US). Warhol is noted for his valuable contributions in the breakthrough of art from the galleries to everyday “non-art” items such as, the Soup Can or the Vinyl Records. His glorification of the Kitsch and mundane was the start