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Negotiate Like an Egyptian

When in Egypt, you had better negotiate like an Egyptian. Be sure to leave your cowboy hat at home since the rules are very different in the Middle East. Egyptian culture has five thousand years of recorded history, so I will not be giving a history lesson today. Let's just say that every aspect of

Neoclassical and Rococo Styles After Baroque Period

Neoclassical and Rococo styles contrast to each other. Neoclassicism appeared in 1780s, following Rococo style. Neoclassicism was a reaction to fluffiness and elaboration of Rococo style. These two movements gave rise after Baroque, one of the most impressive periods in the history of art. Rococo movement gave rise against Baroque at the end of the

The Style of Reindeer Rugs

The vast majority of people who choose a reindeer rug do so because they want to take advantage of that style, and they can do so in a variety of different and exciting ways. A Traditional Rug Using a reindeer hide rug is not as simple as throwing it over a bare patch of floor.

Indian Style Clothing

Clothing in India depends on geography, ethnicity, local cultural traditions and climate. It can vary from region to region. Traditionally, Indian people clothing roots back to plain Langotis and loincloths (one-piece garment kept in place by a belt). They were mostly worn on a daily basis or on such festive occasions as dance performances and

Skinny Jeans Vs Jeggings

The great debate still rages on. Even though jeggings are taking hold of the street fashion world and anchor themselves in for the long haul, there are still detractors decrying their hideousness every chance they get. With both styles being so similar, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of skinnies. The Skinny Jean

Mens Leather Belts – The History of Belts

Men’s leather belts were first invented during the Bronze Age. Women occasionally wore belts, but mainly it was the men. Between then and now, belts waxed and waned in popularity, depending on the other garb worn. For the most part, belts have been for men, with women occasionally donning them as well. During the 1800s,

Colors That You Shouldn’t Wear Together

The right combination of colors in your outfit is very crucial; even an expensive outfit can look a disaster if the combination does not match, and that’s why the right color combination is so important. A basic rule is that you should always match shades in the same family. For example, if you are wearing

Timeline Of Bridal Dresses In The Twentieth Century

There are only three principal public occasions in a person's life: baptismal, burial and marriage. Among the three, only marriage allows great honor for the principals. Throughout the tradition, marriages had been considered as the special day for a lady who is about to pledge her matrimonial vows towards the chosen one. Marriage is Her