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Catching Up With Latest Fashion Trends

Fashion is an integral part of your life. It is something which you cannot ignore as it affects your personality. However, it is something which is ever changing and you need to change with it too. There are so many funky, beautiful as well as classic fashion trends that one can follow. The best way

What Really Is Fashion?

The actual word fashion can be typically described as a popular style or practice and is more commonly associated with clothing and apparel. If used in a loose context, the word will simply reference anything that is considered to be in the current trend or demand. If you look at a broad cross-cultural meaning of

How Fashion Houses and Designers Can Use Websites

A quick search online will reveal that many of the major fashion homes not only have websites, but use them in creative ways. Fashion is an industry built on fantasy, to a great degree. Those fantasies are constructed in glossy magazines directed to professionals in general (Vanity Fair) and to women who follow the trends

4 Things You Must Know About Fashion Stylist Jobs

There are many misconceptions about fashion stylist jobs such as these jobs are easy to get, one can lead a comfortable life after getting these jobs and one doesn’t have to work very hard to get ahead in this field. While these jobs are comfortable and offer flexible working hours, in order to get ahead

What is CSS or Cascading Style Sheets?

Web developers first developed CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets) in 1997 as a means to identify the feel and look of their Web pages. It was aimed to let the web developers split the content and design so the HTML could carry out more of the task that it was initially based on, the markup

A Different Style of Leadership, Living and Learning

Shamanism is a broad term. It describes religions from Australia to America and everywhere in between. These religions are incredibly diverse, each with its own unique rituals and cultural elements. They have a lot in common, too. The spiritual leaders have deep connections to nature, their community and themselves. These people live off the land

Style Interior Design

Interior design Miami style incorporates the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in conjunction with influences of the many immigrants which have settled in the area. There are strong influences from the Cuban, Spanish, European and Caribbean people who have made southern Florida and Miami their home. Added to these is

Style Updates for Name Tags

Companies depend on name tags not only for customer service, but also for good human resource management in their various departments. Every now and then an organization goes through some form rebranding in order to actualize the business image for the audience. The slightest change in the design, logo or company colors will trigger a

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 101

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 101 Yes, you need to know about CSS, even if you plan on having a pro design your website. Why? First good reason: It costs you much less to have changes at your website done if you use CSS instead of font tags. What is a Stylesheet and what do they