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Cat Health

Maintaining a cat in good health is largely a matter of common sense coupled with attention to detail. A regular check-up about once a week, which can be carried out while the cat is resting on your lap, will bring to light many incipient disorders, such as parasites, skin problems, sore gums or ears or

Learn All About Ultra Refined Fish Oil

Should the opportunity ever arise to purchase ultra refined fish oil, it is best to grab the opportunity and grab it. Ultra refined fish oil is molecularly distilled which is a process that removes the toxins and contaminants that are found in our oceans and rivers. When a product is molecularly distilled, it is a

Common Pet Health Questions

Everybody's been there before. Your faithful and loving companion, be it canine, feline, feathered friend, fishy follower or scaled supporter, begins exhibiting signs that all is just not right with the world. Whether it is listlessness, accessibility to function, lack of focus or lack of appetite, the multitude of symptoms plaguing your animal at any

Fitness Over 40

It's here – you've arrived! Being over 40 is not something to fear nor feel that we're too old to continue on our favorite activities. A time comes into our life when we become "senior citizens" … that is, we've reached the magic number of being over forty years old. It's that time in life

Causes Of Cat Health Older Problem Dilemmas

Elderly cat health problem arise as the cat grows towards the age of ten years. These precious and lovable animals give as much love as you give them. If the cat health is due to an older problem or older age, the cat may need some special care in order to overcome some of these

Nutrition and ADHD – Changing This One Thing Can Make All the Difference For ADHD Children

Nutrition and ADHD is a much talked about subject. For years, doctors and therapists have considered the potential connection between diet and ADHD symptoms and some of their findings have been quite intriguing, especially for parents who are anxious to find alternative treatments. As the correlation between diet and ADHD becomes clear, it offers more

Nutrition for Winter Rhythms

Winter is cold so your diet will need to produce more warmth and heat than in warmer seasons. Hearty soups, casseroles, and stews (all water rich foods) are appropriate for the winter months to fortify and strengthen your kidney / adrenal pathway. Winter foods are cooked longer and at lower temperatures than foods during other