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Nutrition for Winter Rhythms

Winter is cold so your diet will need to produce more warmth and heat than in warmer seasons. Hearty soups, casseroles, and stews (all water rich foods) are appropriate for the winter months to fortify and strengthen your kidney / adrenal pathway. Winter foods are cooked longer and at lower temperatures than foods during other

Why Poor Nutrition Reduces Your Weight Loss Will-Power

Do you have trouble staying committed to losing weight? Do you sometimes believe that you just do not have enough will-power? You may be right … When asked why people have such difficulty in remaining committed to healthy goals, Rudolph Steiner responded that: "Nutrition as it is today does not supply the strength necessary for

The Ultimate Fitness Pack Review

Most people when they wake up and look at their body in the morning they dream of having the perfect body. Why? Here are a couple of reasons why millions of people desire to have a healthy body: When you have a great body you feel good about yourself. When you take care of your

An Alternate Fitness Tool

Any competitive or recreational athlete will use a variety of cross-training methods or tools to complement their particular sport or to meet their fitness needs. One such tool that is becoming increasing popular is the Kickbike. The Kickbike is a high end adult version of a scooter. Although new to North America, the Kickbike has

How to Eat Right & Lose Weight

There is a simple, immutable law about the human body: if you eat right, you will lose weight. Period. But great success in weight loss does not have to come from massive changes in your lifestyle or your diet. For people who fear the lifestyle change, smaller things may be easier to stick with over

Vitamin D: Good for Overall Health and Penis Health

Men who are on the lookout for the best penis care practices shouldn’t just stop with the manhood – they need to look at overall health as well. A man’s overall health can greatly affect his penis health, and vice versa. Therefore, certain nutrients are a must not only for ingestion, but for topical application,

Cranberry Antioxidant Power

Whether we cook the family feast at home or decide to go to a restaurant, I imagine the majority of our menus will include cranberries in some form. The tangy, unique flavor of cranberries antioxidant makes them well-suited to accompany the dinner turkey and dressing. Fresh cranberries antioxidants are in produce sections now and into

How To Start Your Golf Fitness Career

Golf fitness career, unlike any other professional, office or white collar work jobs, gives you more satisfaction and fulfillment. You need not have to be stressed for daily meetings, be still up late to finish your presentation or attend a business conference. Here you could make more money by a combined golf and fitness training.