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Las Vegas Tourist Attractions

We all know the line, right? “What happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas.” But, there may be people out there unfamiliar with what Las Vegas is. Las Vegas is the ultimate destination if you want to do some partying, either alone or with friends or family. The phrase “the city that never sleeps” is often

The Evolution of Healthcare Mystery Shopping

Patients answer patient satisfaction survey questions based on their perception, and yet there is limited context for the healthcare provider. It leaves one asking the questions – who were they interacting with, what was said, when did it happen, and how capable and reliable was the patient to make those interpretations? So instead of convening

5 Tips For Taking Your Children Christmas Shopping

Holiday season is shopping season and for many parents that also means a sharp increase in stress levels. It is time to drag the kids through crowded stores full of other short-tempered, stressed out parents with their ill-behaved over-tired children. Okay, maybe it isn’t quite that bad but we all could use a little planning

Furniture Shopping

When you go for furniture shopping you always have to keep in mind the available space that you have in the certain room. It doesn’t matter how much space you have available. The main thing is to make the piece of furniture fit perfectly into your home. A room that is often neglected is the

A Caique Parrot Owner’s Shopping List

Bringing home baby, and wondering what accessories are essential for your new fids well being? Well, we have got the perfect list to compliment your shopping spree. Straight from the recommendations of caique owners are some tried-and-trues, accessories and must-haves. We’ve got your back (and your fids, too). Must Haves The cage- this is the

Too-Simple Ways to De-Stress Holiday Gift Shopping

Many of us are painfully familiar with the anxiety and stress that the ‘happy’ holidays can create. That feeling of drowning in indecision – that sensation of falling behind – that inability to enjoy events because we might not get everything done if we relax for even the briefest moment. Familiar frantic frazzly tingles starting