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Guide to Greece – Shopping in Greece

The country is not famous for its shopping, but travelers to Greece can buy distinctive and high quality local products. Local handicrafts and wines and spirits can be unique purchases. Greece also offers good jewelry, metalwork, pottery, rugs, lace, knitwear and leather goods. Nearly all Greek cities have large international-style shopping malls with well recognized

Network Marketing Online – The Method

Network Marketing online works by giving you your own online store and leaving it up to you to get people there. By doing this the company save millions a month in advertising. Not to mention physically opening a shop in every mall and the cost of running it. So the money is saved by making

Plus Size Clothing Stores on the Mainstream

The Plus size fashion industry is going well. Profits have been rolling in for retailers catering to plus size persons. This is because America's adults are growing not only in number but also in size. The average size is in fact already near the plus size, which is size 14. Moreover, customers pay more for

How to Sell Your Work Online

The Internet is a great place to make extra money if you have skills people need. You can work in the privacy of your own home at your own pace, many people have even replaced their day job by becoming a virtual worker or freelancer. Even so, you're only as good as the hours you

Learn All About Spreadsheet Data Entry Jobs

Spreadsheet entry jobs fall under the data entry category, and they are mostought after jobs for people who want to keep themselves busy while they wait for a preferred job. The reason these jobs are popular is because they require basic computer skills; and if you need to do the job from home, all you

MBA in Retail Management

The last few years have seen a boom in retail trade in India, which is seen as a result of perceptible increase in disposable income of the Indian middle class. The size of the retailing industry in India is around Rs 9,30,000 crore – out of which organized retailing industry is about Rs.35,000 crore, contributing

The Changing Face Of The Indian Retail Industry

India is fast becoming the retail destination of the world. According to the international management consultant AT Kearney, India has emerged as the leader in terms of retail opportunities. The retail market in India is anticipated to grow to 427 billion USD by the year 2010. However, the face of the Indian retail industry is

Visit Malta – A Unique Malta Experience

The island of Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is inhabited by 400,000 people, and is geographically tiny. It's charm and character however are so much bigger, and some would find it hard to believe that such a small country could be so diverse and entertaining. In short, it is a place for

How E-Commerce Started

Over the last 30 years, the definition of Electronic Commerce has changed. Initially, in the late 1970's, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) were used as the basic technology to facilitate electronic commercial transactions. This was what electronic commerce originally meant, the use of technological innovations like EDIs and EFTs in doing