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Henry Sy’s Keys to Success

Who’s Henry Sy? Is he rich and successful? If so, why talk about him? Why not just relish on the successes of Donald Trump of The Apprentice or Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Nebraska? Henry Sy has inspired millions of people from the Philippines and around the globe because of how he built his business

Bistro Tables and Their Rise in Popularity

With origins in New England, USA from 1680-1730, bistro tables were only made by a few select village table manufacturers in Connecticut. It is this scarcity that makes them very difficult to find as antiques. In the modern day, however, whether you are aware of the name or not, bistro tables are everywhere, from fast

Explore Berjaya Times Square Private Service Apartment

From great malls to finest rooms built with elegance, excellence and an exotic aura, malls, restaurants, Bowling Alleys, Cineplex and more, is all available at your door step in the Gamma City of Kuala Lumpur. Yet another exciting way to experience Kuala Lumpur and offers the best package deals for an experience one cannot

Cycling Sunglasses – A Cyclist's Only Cool Garb!

Very few cycling garments are worn in the mall when trolling for a good time. Cycling sunglasses are an exception. Tight cycling jerseys with three pockets across the back are seldom seen. Mall rats don't choose cycling shoes with cleats- they look funny and it's hard to keep the ghetto pants from falling off when

Kandivali Real Estate Developers

Kandivali is a western suburb which has been experiencing an overall improvement and development in terms of townships. The expansive and wide-spread land of this place has resulted in property development over the past two decades. There are many options to choose from when it comes to developers. It's a shopping mall kind of experience

Black Friday: What Does It Really Mean?

"Black Friday: September 24, 1869, the day the markets crashed following a failed attempt by some financiers to corner the gold market. Led to the depression." Say what? Why in the world would the biggest shopping day of the year be called something that denotes the market crashing and economic depression? Ah! A slightly further

Accident Claims in Shops Or Superstores

Accident claims can easily happen in shops, superstores or malls. The types of accident range from minor injuries caused by slipping on a spillage of liquid or squashed fruit to being caught under improperly secured products falling from storage shelving or even tripping over items setup in aisles for display purposes. These are all common