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5 Must-Visit Places in Shanghai China

Shanghai is pretty much the urban city-state, filled with nearly 20 million inhabitants. It is deemed as the main source of economics and modern business in the rest of the nation. It’s overflowing to the brim with such stunning pieces of architecture which might put even some of its Western business partners to embarrassment. It

How To Meet Girls In 4 Simple And Easy Steps

How to meet girls is a never-ending question for every guy out there. They keep asking about how to meet girls and build a positive relation with them. This is a classic desire for mankind. The reality is that girls are not that difficult to find. They are available at every place including your office,

The Rise of Body Piercing and Ear Gauges

Body piercing as well as ear gauging has become more popular for over a decade. For others it is an art like tattooing where the body is a canvas. Others say it’s therapeutic and is also a fashion statement. There are people who have over 20 – 30 piercing. It was not acceptable about a

Taipei Taiwan Travel Guide for First Timers

If you are planning a trip to Taiwan for the first time, there are several areas worth visiting to make the most of your trip. While there are multiple beautiful, historic areas, the following are my personal favorites for Taipei travel. Please feel free to use this as a sort of personal Taipei travel guide

Malls Are for More Than Shopping

The first shopping malls appeared on the scene in the early 1960s and today it’s difficult to find a town anywhere that doesn’t have a mall of some size – even if it’s just a few strip centers. As a contractor in years gone by, you might have visited the hardware store on main street

Great Thailand Hotel Deals

Thailand is a tropical paradise located just 15 degrees north of the equator, with temperatures ranging from 19 to 38 degrees C. It has a coastline that is 3,219 km long with several beautiful and breathtaking beaches. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South East Asia. A number of tourists from

Home Business – Today's Money Solution

In every major city across the US every morning, thousands mindlessly herd themselves through urban streets like human livestock, making their way to work. Their only conscious thoughts are that they will trade the next 8 hours of their lives for a few dollars, and that there will be 8 less hours of precious time

Properties in Nairobi, Kenya

Although apartment buildings have existed for centuries, apartments in Kenya have become trendy, classy, ​​and the latest fashion that everyone wants to keep up with, and guess what? They are selling like hot cakes. As Kenya advances, the capital city, Nairobi is becoming more and more like a metropolitan place. The population in Nairobi city