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Preparing a Top Bar Bee Hive for Winter

Summer is winding down here on the east coast of the United States, and as temperatures creep downwards and we head for that first frost, here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania beekeepers are preparing hives for overwintering. Here are a few recommendations. I'm sure you are already on it, but in just in case here's a few

The Benefits of Buying Whole Bean Coffee

Many people do not understand that it is vital to purchase your coffee as whole beans. And why would they? Many retailers sell their coffee products pre-ground, as if it is no problem at all. I would like to consistently disagree with that fact because the issue of freshness in your coffee beans is at

How To Buy The Best Tennis Shoes?

You must have good quality and durable tennis shoes to play tennis. Ordinary shoes are unable to provide the same level of comfort and grip of the ground to the player while playing tennis. As a result, they get injured and may have to take rest for weeks to come. The most common injury that

How to Plan a Gift Basket

Over the years, many stores have made a pretty penny creating gift baskets that satisfy every possible holiday, including a wide range, such as birthdays and anniversaries to baby showers. These days, a lot of people are trying the task of building gift baskets without having to pay anyone else to do the work. You

Silver Wedding Rings

The Meaning of the Silver Wedding Ring Silver wedding bands are really popular in the world we live in today. Along with gold and white gold, silver tops the list of most popular precious metals used to make wedding rings all across the globe. But, where did the wedding ring originate? And what is the

Art For Art's Sake – It's All About Paris

Let the numbers speak for themselves. In 1996 about 90,000 people visited Parisian galleries and antique trades. More than 13 million were recorded in museums. Paris is the capital of France and art as well. Who dares to doubt it? There's a great number of galleries: from the most traditional up to the modern ones

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party Ideas

One of the most popular brands of toys, and children's television show, is the Littlest Pet Shop. This show, which features a wide variety of pets in a pet shop, is a huge hit with children as it teaches them about the world around them through some fun-loving animals in the pet store. As a

Fix My Wii Troubleshoot Problem

Got problems with your Wii that has a troubleshoot problem? There are 3 ways to successfully solve your troubleshooting problems … What you could do is to send your console to Nintendo, to a repair shop, or you could actually fix the problems by yourself. It's hard to choose if you do not know what