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Shocking Garage Door Injury Statistics

Whether it’s a residential garage door, massive dock door for a big box store or a roll-up door for a mall retail shop, one thing is certain: Without proper maintenance and repairs, overhead doors can be literal death traps. With reports peppering the nation about injuries from faulty sensors or outdated garage doors catching feet,

Review of Merriweather Post Pavilion

The Merriweather Post Pavilion is an ideal outdoor venue found along Route 29 opposite the Columbia Mall, and occupies an area of about 160,000 square metres. The pavilion was initially supposed to serve as a summerhouse for the National Symphony Orchestra, and acquired its name from the heiress of Post Foods, Merriweather Post. This venue

Diamond Appraisals – Worthless or Worth It

Diamond appraisals can be tricky business. First off, virtually anyone can call themselves an independent jewelry appraiser. There is no law requiring appraisers to be licensed in the same way that lawyers and physicians are licensed. Grant it, there are associations, schools and institutes that jewelers can attend in order to become qualified to appraise

ChristiaNet Review – A Website For Christian Resources

The first thing that strikes you about is that it is a very popular website, with more than 350,000 views every month. This comes as no surprise since the site offers a lot of interesting resources specifically for Christians. It offers very diverse resources including Christian news, job opportunities, ads, shopping, informative articles, blogs,

PUA Training – The Day Game

To begin PUA training you have to start some where. The best place to start is with the day game. The day game means picking up girls in the day time. Now there are different rules for each different game but this game is by far the easiest game to implement. Now you would probably

Cooking With Chontaduro Palm Fruit

Meet the Chontaduro or Palm Fruit “What’s that?” I asked staring at the plum-sized fruit the woman peeled in her hand. “These are chontaduros from the coast.” “How would you like yours?“ “How can I have them?” I queried back. “You can have them with salt or honey.“ “Then give me two of each.“ The

The Benefits of Display Mannequins

Mannequins are primarily used in stores to display clothing. A display mannequin is usually a full-size dummy in the shape of a person. A display mannequin will normally include all parts of the human body including a head and feet. Display mannequins can be made of several different materials, including fiberglass, wood, plaster, or wax.

How to Attract Men in One Easy Step

In this hurried world of instant gratification, where people’s lives are filled with essentially meaningless tasks, no one believes that he or she has time for the ancient traditions of courtship and dating. Unfortunately, for exactly the same reasons, the need for real, human interaction is at its highest. No matter how electronic our world

Strawberry Hermit Crab Care Sheet

Don’t let the name hermit crab fool you. Hermit crabs are anything BUT hermits. They thrive on social interaction. Having only one hermit crab in a tank can actually drive them crazy I believe. I have had people bring me Strawberry Hermit Crabs that are acting weird and invariably, its because they were by themselves.