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Home Shopping Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Buying a dream home can be an arduous task sometimes, especially if an individual is buying for the first time. First time home buyers are generally surrounded with obvious questions about their dream home that make them quite nervous. Here are some home buying tips for first timers who are looking forward to spending thousands

Who is Alice?

Alice is not a person. Alice is a team of talented people passionate about changing the way we shop for our needs that keeps our homes running. Their mission is to make our homes run smarter so we have the things time to spend doing more important things in our lives. The co-founders of Alice,

Peli Case Offers Security Against Extremes

The prime concern for any living entity on the planet is safety and security. Right from the beginning, humans have been devising tools which can safeguard them from different types of threats and dangers under various conditions. We started building houses with a concern for security. Later we built multiple objects devised to take care

Plastic Vs Cotton Shopper Bags

When it is about great shopping, you require a purse or a shopper bag which can all your essential items that you intend to carry along. For such need, shopping carriers play a vital role through out your shopping. This is why they are of so much importance to shopping lovers. The large shopping carriers

Secret Shopper Jobs – Why Use Mystery Shoppers

As a secret shopper, you will be contracted to evaluate a business and report your findings to the mystery shopping company or client who hired you. But why do businesses use secret shoppers? Business owners make important decisions based on the data provided through your secret shopping reports and the results are used as essential

Magical Words to Change Your Personality

You must have seen some people who have a very charismatic personality and they are very popular. Everyone likes to talk to or be friends with a person with a good personality. You may have a good height, a good physique, sharp features and fair complexity but if you are having a depressing and dull