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What Started It All – The History of Volleyball

Surprisingly, one of the most well loved sports in the world is also relatively young. Despite the game’s youth, it has gone through a wide variety of changes and evolution as a part of its rich history. Believe it or not, but at one time there wasn’t Asics or Nike women’s volleyball shoes or even

GPS Golf Balls Are Almost Here

As GPS technology gets better and better and smaller and smaller it will be able to be used for many things? For instance at the World Series a baseball hit into the third level will be able to be recorded by GPS as to exactly how far it was hit and it’s trajectory to formulate

John Elway Biography and Interesting Facts

John Elway was the type of player that people will still be talking out for future generations. He had what it takes to mount frantic last minute comebacks, and could move quickly out of the pocket buying extra time and to avoid the sack. Not only was he a great running quarterback, Elway had one

Gymnastics History – A Brief Overview

Gymnastics, as an activity, has been around for more than two thousand years in one form or another, from the ancient Greek Olympics, to Roman ceremony, to today’s modern meets. As an organized and truly competitive sport, gymnastics has existed for a little more than a century. It was introduced in the mid 1800s to

American Mobsters – Little Augie (Jacon Orgen)

Jacob “Little Augie” Orgen was born on the streets of the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1896. He quickly ditched school and became known as a “Schlammer” for the Benjamin “Dopey” Fein mob. “Schlammers,” or “Sluggers” were basically head-breakers who kept the union workers in line, by “schlamming” them on the side of the

12 Things to Check Before You Buy an Upholstered Chair

Chairs have evolved over thousands of years. There is evidence that the Stone Age people used chairs. The Egyptians were routinely using chairs as early as 650 AD. By the 1600s chairs had become part of interior design. In the 1700s upholstery started to appear on chairs. Upholstered chairs are common today, but you need

A Horse Racing System That Produces 50% Winners

This article is written for people who do not know much about horse racing but from time to time want to enjoy the heart-pounding excitement of the Sport of Kings. First understand, betting horses is a gamble. There is no short-cut secret to winning millions in a week. Although a lot of people would like