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How to Train For Baseball With a Bow Flex

Bow Flex has created an extensive line of home exercise equipment. They have complete home gyms; tread climbers and even free weights. All of these have a place in a good overall workout routine; however, some are better than others are for the baseball player. Baseball In order to play baseball well you will need

Helpful Tips When Attending an Autograph Signing

* Bring items to get signed * Bring your own pens – always bring the type of pen you want signed, usually a black/blue sharpie or black/blue ballpoint pen. All of the sports gatherings events will have pens readily available for the players to sign; however, there are times when the ink will run out.

5 Things Cuba is Famous For

What’s all the fuss about cuba? What’s this tiny little island just a few hundred miles of the coast of Florida famous for? You might be surprise… The cigars, the rum, the women, the dancing, not to mention the baseball. Ohh, and don’t forget about Castro. #1. Its cigars. Cuban cigars are known worldwide as

How To Throw A Curveball Like Barry Zito

When he was in his prime, Barry Zito had one of the best curveballs in the game of baseball. His curveball was his strikeout pitch and it was very difficult to see when the pitch was coming. The type of curveball he would throw is often referred to as a 12-to-6 curveball. Look at the

History of Softball

The game of softball has an interesting history. America has always been the most innovative and inventive nations of the world when it comes to sports. Softball is one of the finest innovations in the history of American sports. Softball is another close relative of the popular sport baseball, but with slight and significant alterations.