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Top Sports That Cause Plantar Fasciitis

You love the outdoors and would rather be out in the wide open spaces getting some exercise than sitting at a desk in an office. Whether you've always been active in sports or you've discovered a sport you love at an older age, an active lifestyle is good for your body's health and for relaxing

Best Batting Practice Techniques When Hitting A Baseball?

There are some key things to follow when standing at home plate ready to swing away. However, before you start swinging at the very first pitch, its important to understand the following. Your mindset, proper footing, body stance, arm positioning, bat positioning, hip placement, neck and head and swing follow through. This may sound like

The Exact Distinctions Between Softball and Baseball

Baseball and softball are approximately identical in many areas, but you'll notice a number of major differences regarding the two sports once you start to match. You must know the differences if you plan to train beginning-level softball if all of your experience has been in baseball – and the other way round. This list

Fantasy Baseball 2009 – Punting a Category

To start off, let me explain what punting a category even is to those of you who are unfamiliar with the term. Punting a category means to not even try to win said category, which most commonly in fantasy baseball involves saves. To punt the saves category, an owner will not even draft a closer

Bat Rolling Baseball Bats – What You Need to Know

Baseball bats are the most widely produced bat in the United States. In addition, composites have overtaken the top manufactured position that aluminum sticks held for so long. With the new era of composite material, they are more durable and better performing. The performance is not limited to the distance and pop of the first

Baseball Trading Pins – An Illustrious Sign

Each one of you has probably noticed the various pins which can be noticed on many sportsman and especially baseball players. Of course not only the players, but also the fans and many other people wear such pins. For instance a lot of kids enjoy having a Disney pin, pinned to their clothes which kind