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The Basics of Handicapping Major League Baseball

It's amazing that more people don't bet on baseball. Furthermore, it's surprising how many otherwise experienced sports gamblers are intimidated by the money lines, the absence of point spreads, and the sheer number of wagering opportunities presented. Just considering sides and total plays on each game, there are nearly 5,000 wagering opportunities over the course

Baseball Drills – The Wild Pitch

As a team, you spend much of your time practicing to play a perfect game. But let's be honest, people make mistakes, and most games, even professional, are far from perfect. For that reason it is important to practice what to do when things go wrong. This drill will help you quickly rebound from a

Baseball Throwing Part Two – The Grip

Now, there are a lot of things involved in throwing a baseball. Several people talked about the grip and the grip is extremely important. The fingers should be on top of the baseball, that is really the key. I mean they can't be off just a little bit. They need to be straight on top.

Baseball Players Need Quick Feet Too!

If you play baseball you should concentrate on your athleticism all year long! Agility is a necessary trait for baseball players because you have to have quickness when trying to react to making a play on a ground ball, getting the jump on a pop fly, or making the first move to dive back to

Baseball – Ball Hitting Tips For Kids

Like a lot of other things in life you tend to get better at those which you do regularly. It is the same with baseball game and you can get perfect with baseball hitting. Therefore the best baseball hitting advice for kids or anyone can be practice and keep practicing. It is said that Mickey