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Baseball Betting 101 – How to Bet on Baseball

While most people think about football when talking about betting on major sports, it's baseball that offers the best chance to the bettor. The reason for the great payoff is the National Pastime is easy to handicap. Since baseball is most often a low scoring game, sportsbooks do not use point spreads in baseball. However,

Baseball Uniforms – Things You Must Be Aware Of

Baseball uniforms are those, which the baseball players across the globe wear while playing. The first baseball uniforms were worn by the New York Knickerbockers Baseball Club during a match in the year 1849. The baseball uniforms have several parts and these include: jerseys, vests, pants, caps, socks, shoes and gloves. These days, the uniforms

When and Why a Player Should Play Travel Baseball

Whatever a child should play travel baseball and at what age they should begin playing travel is often a tough call for parents. Deciding to go the travel baseball route too early in a player's career can be detrimental to their desire to continue playing baseball in subsequent years. When anyone of the key factors

Hitting Ground Balls? – Turn Them Into Line Drives

Putting the ball in play on the ground is not always a bad thing, but turning ground balls into line drives will definitely help the hitter’s batting average and chances of playing baseball at the higher levels. Hitters with good speed can prosper by hitting the ball on the ground, especially in youth baseball, but

Yankee Stadium

Babe Ruth joined the Yankees baseball team in 1920, after his contract was sold by the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees. Babe Ruth's popularity drew huge crowds to the Polo Grounds, the field that the Yankee's had shared with the New York Giants since 1913. In fact, the Yankees became the first

The History Of The Baseball

We take the modern day baseball for granted and never consider the fact that today’s baseball is the end result of a long and fascinating metamorphose which saw the ball change dramatically. In the early history of the game the baseball played a Major part in baseball strategy. The makers of the hand-made baseball were