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Computer Running Slow?

It is a common experience among the user of personal computers, or PCs, to find that the performance of their computer deteriorate over a period of time. Laments such as computer running slow, my pc is slow etc., prop up in informal meetings of these PC users. The primary reason for this development is not

Common Computer Problems

Computers or PCs are fantastic when they function well- allowing you instant communications with the world, loads of information to learn about and the ability to entertain the entire family. Problems start, though, when a PC does not work right any longer. Without the right information this can become extremely annoying to overcome. There are

Computer Repair 101

When diagnosing and repairing computer problems, every computer goes through a series of systematic steps before the operating system comes up on the screen. If you suspect a computer to be a dead machine it may not be. Some troubleshooting and basic diagnoses can uncover the problem. What the end user see's on a screen

Mini Notebook Computers

The mini notebook, also called the netbook, worked up a storm in the technology industry when it first came out. Touted as cheap alternatives to bulky laptops, it was designed for simple usability. Most of them were not designed to be the fastest computer of the month, but they are helpful, especially if you travel

Computer Rental Rates

Computer rental rates differ from company to company and region to region. Despite that, the margin of fluctuation is very small, keeping in mind the severe competition that exists in the computer rental market. Rental rates are calculated on a time basis: per hour, per day and per month. Short-term rentals are always more expensive

Computer Forensics Jobs

Computer forensics is a fast-growing career field, offering immense potential for jobs in law enforcement, military, intelligence agencies, corporations, and businesses. The job opportunities are skyrocketing, commensurate with the rapid spurt in computer crimes. Computer crimes, in the beginning, had only a sporadic occurrence. Now, it has become a fact of life that has to

Free Computers For College Students

Not everybody thinks you can get free computers for college students. I am here to tell you differently. I am in college, and I do get free electronics online. To be completely honest, the Dell laptop I am currently typing on was free, and not only am I a student, but I also enjoy getting