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How To Become a Computer Technician

So you want to be a Computer Technician, but you do not know how? Well guess what, I am going to tell you how. First things first, I am blunt and to the point. I hate typing and thinking about grammar, that is why I went into the Technology field. I have over 10 years

Optical Computing in IT

Optical computing means performing computations, operations, storage and transmission of data using light instead of electricity. Instead of silicon chips optical computer uses organic polymers like phthalocyanine and polydiacetylene.Optical technology promises massive upgrades in the efficiency and speed of computers, as well as significant shrinkage in their size and cost. An optical desktop computer is

Computer Cables

A brief guide to the different types of cables which are commonly used by computers and computer networks. Straight Through Cables. These are typically used for a serial to serial connection. Before the days of networking this was one of the best ways to connect computers together and is still used on unix machines as

Latest and New Computer Technology News

Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives today. And to keep pace with the latest emerging technology is becoming more and more important in today’s scenario. If you are in the information technology field, you have have to be aware of the latest trends in technology. To be in the mainstream means to

Computer Recycling Can Help the Less Fortunate

There are many children who do not have the means to get their own computers. Their schools are underfunded and do not have access to computers either. If they do have computers, they are not considered top of the line and they do not offer the training and instruction that newer computers can. Computer recycling

Lenovo Computers

Lenovo has come to be recognized as a household name when it comes to computers and its related peripherals. The product range offered by the company comprises of an array of computers and accessories and each is designed to comply with specific requirements, budgets and computing needs. The wide product range by Lenovo enterprises of

Computers Through The Ages

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are both names that are synonymous with computers. Well, at least they are with modern computers but they were just building on an idea that came along in the 1800's and continued to grow through time. What used to be huge machines that took up all sorts of room and

Computers Rule Our Lives?

Whether we like computers or not they invade our homes, work, and school. Setting besides the internet for a second, computers decide when we can access easy information like an address book, homework assignments, and even a calculator. How many times have you used the excuse "My computer ate my homework" and really mean it?