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Notebook Computers – The Innovation

Computers before were just a thing for luxury. Today, they are already a necessity. Most of the people, especially the working class, completely relieved to machines in accomplishing their tasks. Everything, business most of the time away from communicating with loved ones, is done through a machine. Big and small companies also rely on computers

Cyber Crimes And Solutions

We are currently living in Cyber age, where Internet and computers have major impacts on our way of living, social life and the way we conduct businesses. The usage of information technology has posed great security challenges and ethical questions in front of us. Just as every thing has positives and negatives, usage of information

Power and Your PC

The power coming into a computer is the most critical component, and it may be one of the most overlooked. It is just taken for granted that it will always be there and working properly. A top of the line processor and ultra powerful video card do nothing if a system does not receive the

How to Chose a Scuba Diving Computer

When it comes to choosing a dive computer there are a number of factors you need to consider. Here I will run through some of those factors and how those factors will affect your diving. Firstly the most important factor when it comes to choosing a dive computer is the color and the size of

Why Is My Computer Running Slow? (And How To Make It Faster)

Thanks to computers and the Internet, organizations and institutions all are moving rapidly towards a paperless working environment. Computers are now being used widely for practically every task including document preparation, communication, assignment preparation, research, shopping, doing business and more.As compared to the past, it is no more a niche or a luxury; it has

Computer Monitors – Acer X243HQ Review

The Acer X243HQ is a magnificent monitor for those who enjoy pc gaming. It is a large 23.6″ in size and supports High Definition imagery such as Blue-Ray Disk formats and High Definition games. It also comes with a HDMI Adapter which enables it to be used with High Definition gaming consoles such as the

Open Source Computer Forensics Investigations

The world of computer foreensics – like all things computer – is rapidly developing and changing. While commercial investigative software packages exist, like EnCase by Guidance Software and FTK by AccessData, there are other software platforms which offer a solution for obtaining computer forensic results. Unlike the two aforementioned packages, these open sources alternatives do

The Appearance of the First Computers

No one who lives in the modern times is allowed to know nothing about the history of one of the most important machines that controls our lives. This machine would be the computer – the machine in front of which we spend lots of hours a day and the machine which has taken so much