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Get Data Science Training and Stand Out in the Crowd

What Is Data Science And Who Are Data Scientists? Data Science It refers to the use scientific tools, techniques and methodologies in order to gain useful insights from the volume of raw facts and figures streaming into an organization’s warehouse on a daily basis. Data Science is all about generating business value out of this

The Religion of Science: Fact or Faith

I have attempted to harvest from some of the greatest minds insight into the nature of God, human existence, and our ability to transcend what is commonly referred to as self-preservation – the “most powerful” human instinct. Further, I make the argument that debunks the myth that humans are mortal beings – simply living and

Computer Optimization

PART I – INTRO & FRAGMENTATION Many people are under the impression that a computer’s performance deteriorates with age. I’d like to dispel that myth: computers are mostly solid-state technology that is largely unaffected by age. I’m not saying that older computers don’t run more slowly, but once we correct the notion that the slow-down

5 Reasons to Become an Internet Marketer

Internet Marketing is a safe business option to both enter and exit; it is easy to pick up, profitable to run, manageable and is a stepping stone to a full time business. Let us study the various advantage s of becoming an internet marketer in addition to it being a source of a solid income.

Most Common Computer Malfunctions

If you have a computer, I have news for you. It is going to malfunction, usually at the worst possible time and often for no apparent reason. It isn’t something we look forward to, because it is very easy to end up spending a day or so trying to figure out what is wrong and