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How To Avoid Being Hacked – Part 1, Email

Hacking is a common occurrence these days, but it’s good to know that hacking targeting you specifically because of who you are is far less common than scattershot hacking. Additionally, taking advantage of your online data is much more common than taking control of your computer. Most people don’t understand their computers or operating systems

How to Repair a PCL XL Error

Occasionally HP printers can run into an issue known as a PCL XL error. Apparently, the PCL XL error makes it impossible to print certain documents. It can occur intermittently or with every request to print. Fixing it is key to getting the printer to work correctly again. Different Types of PCL XL Errors This

The Importance of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

A signal is a piece of information in binary or digital form. Digital Signal Processing techniques improve signal quality or extract important information by removing unwanted parts of the signal. The introduction of general purpose microprocessors in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s made it possible for DSP techniques to be used in a much

The Origin of Email – How it All Began

Electronic mail, better known as Email, has changed the face of communication over several decades. Email can be defined as a method for composing, sending, storing and receiving messages via electronic communication systems. The word “email” is used as both a noun and a verb, and applies to all Internet email systems based on SMTP,

Facts About LAN Cables and Connectors

LAN(s) or Local Area Networks are the small-sized sets of connections to which various users of home and office computers primarily connect. LAN networks facilitate the sharing of printers, drives and files at the same time regulating interchange to and from the internet. Despite the fact that “Wi-Fi” connections are becoming so prevalent, the utilization

IT Job Titles – What Do They Mean?

Although only a few decades old, the information technology or IT field is as broad and deep as industries that have been around for centuries. IT job categories, titles and specialties abound – so many that anyone investigating IT as a career is likely to be very, very confused. What’s the difference between a Network

Benefits of GMAT Online Classes and Tutorials

GMAT preparations online have become very popular over the last few years. GMAT is a computer based examination; therefore, students must learn to be familiar on working with computers. There are software, online classes and tutorials which cater on this type of examinations. Students are given GMAT study guides and preparation material which will help

Laptops Vs PDAs – The Pros and Cons

Do you know the Major Differences between Laptops and PDA’s? When most people hear the term ‘laptop’ they immediately think ‘mini computer’, the same can be said about the term ‘PDA’ being a ‘glorified address book’. In reality these items have become essential for students, businesspeople, and the average housewife for keeping track of everything