How the Internet Affects Traditional Media

Traditional Publishing, REST IN PEACE This is the headline that greets you when you land on a web page erected as a memorial to commemorate the decline of Traditional Media. A photograph of a man who seems to be in distress and who’s possibly just lost his job accompanies this headline. If this does not

Teeth Whitening Before or After Dental Implants?

In this age of mall kiosk teeth-whitening and reality-TV dental makeovers, patients often come into my office with expectations of an instant Hollywood smile. They want dental implants to replace their missing teeth, veneers to improve appearance of existing teeth, and teeth whitening to bring a new glow to their smile. Which leads to the

Leadership Styles in the Classroom

Leadership style is a broad term without a commonly accepted definition. In a sense, an individual’s leadership style is the sum total of the way in which the leader interacts with his or her followers. This includes the manner by which the leader provides overall direction as well as specific instruction. It involves the way

How To Start A Roasted Corn Business

Corn roasting is a simple yet very profitable small investment business. The successful corn roasters make full time living working just the summer months. To start a roasted corn business you will need to acquire permits and business licenses from the health department and from the state. The following is a typical checklist to start

Health Benefits of Eating Eel

Eels may not appeal to you visually as they do look rather like black snakes, but they are nutritious, healthy, and taste very good – and you don’t have to take my word for that! I love them and I didn’t have to acquire a taste for them. I probably ate quite a few of

Coaching Basketball to Children With Autism

Through my experiences as a volunteer basketball coach at the Special Olympics New Jersey Sports Complex and working at various camps and clinics, I have encountered life changing practices through the teaching of developmental basketball. Many people assume that children with autism or other disabilities do not need to learn the necessary skills and concepts

Fiction and Reality

Fiction is an integral part of human life. Man has an inherent need for diversion to get away, even if for a few moments, from the humdrum of life. Story telling has been one of the earliest ways of accomplishing that and over the ages it has grown into the diverse forms of entertainment we