A Nain Persian Rug – Simply Perfect

There are some of us who pay attention to even the most intricate details, who think that there is a world of difference between baby blue and sky blue, who believe that carpets are the soul of the floor and that they should caress the feet instead of just being something to walk on; if

Should I Get an Accounting Degree? Pros and Cons

The Pros: You are almost guaranteed to find a job somewhere as there is always a need for accountants. Especially with the clamping down on financial legislation, professional management reports and annual financial statements need to be submitted in order to stay in business, so in house accountants are always on board, if not the

What’s Good About Playing Football?

Many people love to play football. This game is one of the most eminent games especially among the younger generation. Most of them idolize football stars and dream of being just like the stars in the future. Experts say that football players have stronger legs than normal, as well as stable minds. There are lots

Fun Facts About Harare Culture

Likewise every country and city of the world, the art, culture and entertainment of Harare greatly show off the traces of colonial rule. Apart from this, it also transforms an overview of the city’s art and culture. Shopping, restaurants and nightlife make up the different modes of entertainment in the city. Harare art centers are

Easter Celebration – I Am Risen!

What are you celebrating this season? Is it salvation, victory and freedom or is it only salvation? Will Jesus Christ acknowledge your celebration as being complete? This article aims at encouraging you to utilize the entire package our Saviour Christ delivered to us the day He rose again. He is not here: for he is