The Role of the Director During Pre-Production

Pre-production is the most important time for any director because it is the where we go through a “process of discovery.” Here is an overview of what is expected of a director during pre-production. Please keep in mind that all these pre-production activities will vary in time and importance depending on whether you are shooting

Technology Transfer Case Study – Pathfinders for Independent Living, Inc.

Pathfinders for Independent Living, Inc., a nonprofit organization, was founded after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Pathfinders provides information and assistance to elderly and disabled individuals and their caregivers on how to live as independently as possible. Its core value is to Promote Self-Reliance . The culture within Pathfinders is one

Current Trends in Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an evolving field that requires artistic talent, vision, and highly technical expertise. In the past wedding photography was almost always limited to stiff posses without much regard for the underlying story, emotion, romance, and behind the scene events of the wedding day. Although there is still a big segment of the wedding

Introduction to Commodity Pyramid Trading

This article discusses the how to to profit from commodity pyramid trading. These key points will help you learn this technique: What is Commodity Pyramid Trading? Commodity Pillar Trading Comparison Commodity Pyramid Trading Comparison Commodity Pyramid Trading Useful Tips 1. What is Commodity Pyramid Trading? This is a method of trading commodity futures contracts in

The Beatles in Mono Box Set

Original Mono Mixes In the 1960s mono was “king” as far as pop/rock music was concerned. Stereo was mostly the interest of “audiophiles” who were mostly listening to jazz and classical recordings. Because of this situation (and because it was what they grew up with themselves) The Beatles spent almost all of their time &