Baseball Tradition

Baseball holds a special place in the hearts of many Americans. Regardless of the international appeal of the sport, the United States sees it as a favorite pastime. From street games of stickball or afternoon playing catch in the backyard to professional Minor Leagues and Major League Baseball, people of all ages love this sport.

Baseball comes in so many forms, aiming to please "children" of all ages. After all, what other career in the known universe pays a person to play a children's game? Young children who are just beginning to build up hand-eye coordination and are learning to work and a team can sign up for Tee Ball, where the ball is set on a tee with an adjustable height to accommodate the player and no pitcher is present. There also is the tethered baseball which you can hook up to a tree and hit it for hours. This allows a more older child to hit a ball in motion.

The basic rules of baseball can be learned early on, and children can start a hobby that will keep them healthy and out of trouble for years to come. Most kids join little leagues and families join in on the weekly events.