How to Create Interest Lists on Facebook

Lists are very useful tools in social networking. On Twitter and Facebook, they help categorize people who share the same interests making it easy for users to be updated of topics that matter to them.

Facebook added list feature recently. Called Interests List, this tool lets users browse the content they want to see whether using their desktop or favorite mobile device.

An interest list can be easily created but Facebook users also have the option to subscribe to existing lists which they like to follow.

Subscribing to a list will let you view all the content from the people and pages belonging to that particular list. This also means that you don’t have to like a fan page or be friends with that people to know their updates.

Look for the Interests list on the left column of your home page, bottom part. You can find it below the Groups section and above your list of Apps.

How to Create an Interests List

To create an Interests list, click on the Interests link on the left column and the Add Interests button on the next page.

Click the Next button and on the Add Interests page, click the +Create List button on the top right.

On the following page that appears, provide the name of your list and decide who you would like to see it. You can choose to make it public or you can allow it to be viewed only by your friends. If you make your list public, others will be able to subscribe to it.

After you’ve selected your preferred privacy setting, click Done.

Once you have created your specific Interests list, you can include pages you have liked or are following that are related to your interest, people you are following and friends. Simply follow the first few steps when you created your list.

You will then be provided with suggestions on the Pages you can subscribe to while in the Add Interests page. Otherwise, you can search for a specific list on the search box. A list of suggestions will show as you’re typing your keyword.

When you have selected a list you want to follow, you can also share it with friends whom you think will be interested in the pages you are subscribing to.

Keep in mind that by creating these lists, you will have a better experience on your favorite social networking sites connecting with the right people.