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A Brief Travel Guide To Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and it is the most populous city. The city’s center is rapidly growing in terms of economy and newly built structures. The most popular tourist spot in the center is Dataran Merdeka where you will witness the celebration of Malaysia’s Independence Day. It is a great place to

Roman Shopping Outlets, Veni, Vedi, Vici!

You would need to have been living on Mars for the last 100 years if you did not know that Italians are known for their style. They are famous for having the most stylish cars, watches, sunglasses, motorbikes and even churches! You name it and the Italians have got it (not to mention it is

Investment in Thailand Real Estate

Phuket is one of the last havens in the world where you can invest in property safely and receive a handsome return on capital. There are currently over 250 new developments happening on the island (January 2008) and many more to come as the property boom here is still in its infancy. All developments are

How to Sell Your Work Online

The Internet is a great place to make extra money if you have skills people need. You can work in the privacy of your own home at your own pace, many people have even replaced their day job by becoming a virtual worker or freelancer. Even so, you're only as good as the hours you

Best Things You Should Do In Kuala Lumpur

1. KLCC Known as the famous twin tower, KLCC is the must-go-place when you come here. A lot of public transportation that the visitor can take to come here (LRT, Rapidbus, or even the free shuttle bus Go KL!). This twin towers offers you a lot of shopping places here. Plus, do not forget to

Dubai Travel – Shopping in Dubai

If you are planning a Dubai travel, then you probably have a big list of things to do during your stay. Among one of the favorite activities is Dubai shopping. Upon arrival you’ll be amazed by the enormous malls constructed in this beautiful city. I invite you to read on this article to learn more

Network Marketing Online – The Method

Network Marketing online works by giving you your own online store and leaving it up to you to get people there. By doing this the company save millions a month in advertising. Not to mention physically opening a shop in every mall and the cost of running it. So the money is saved by making

The 8 Most Fun Destinations For Kids In Dubai

There's an abundance of activities – indoor as well as outdoor, especially during the blazing heat of summer. Shopping halls in particular provide a huge range of entertainment activities. From catching a movie to hitting the ski slopes, you'll be spoiled for choice. Here is our pick of places in Dubai that provide great entertainment

Winter Fashion Trends: Socks

The winter season brings out a lot of fashion trends such as layering, big colorful coats, and infinity scarves; but you would probably never think that one of the biggest winter fashion statements and trends is socks. Socks are very popular this year and will continue to be during the winter months. There’s nothing better