Hollywood Fashion

Other than fashion, there is another art form that captures our attention and manages to obsess us with other people's stories and adventures; I am talking about the 7th art, film. In this industry, fashion plays a major role, whether in the characters who convert themselves in trendsetters, or the trendsetters that inspire a film or one of its characters. Some films marked a tendency or introduced a new accessory or style wore by an acclaimed fashion icon.

Costume design in fashion is one of the most important categories nowadays for different awards like the Academy Awards; it takes creativity and patience to work with a whole wardrobe and fashion sense for a film. It established an identification point between the actors and the public.

Casablanca is a classic film where we are still often transported to by fashion. For men it wasn't an ordinary suit but one made by Burberry which popularized the brand even more. Classic and conservative spy-like fashion will always embrace the feeling of the fashion style in this movie.

Marlon Brando also popularized the leather jacket, jeans and white t-shirt look in The Wild One, just like James Dean also did around that time. It was the representation of rebellious guys in the 50's which is still used today by millions. This outfit is still a fashion hit and has been adapted to our actual time.

The little black dress is still the favorite among fashionista film buffs today. Breakfast at Tiffany's was the whole representation of this look by Audrey Hepburn with her elegance and femininity, obviously achieved by Givenchy. Her oversized sunglasses, oversize hats, classy trench-coat, pearls and ballerina flats are still favorites in fashion worldwide.

Men's fashion in women is not an original style of the 90's; it was reborn from Wody Allen's Annie Hall in the 70's. Her look was a New York icon, as feminine as it was masculine, vests, men's pants, jackets, ties, suspenders and hats were the bestsellers in women's fashion in the late 70's.

Recently The Devil wears Prada showed us the power of the fashion industry in a place like New York City. This film inspired everyone to have their very own Cinderella makeover.

Obviously Sex and the City has been a Pop Culture fashion icon, starting out as a TV Series and now a Box Office Hit movie. These characters popularized Diane Von Furstenberg's wrap dress, Marc Jacobs' suits and Manolo Blahnik stilettos. Another type of movie that goes along this category of Pop Culture is Clueless with LA Fashion at its best in the early 90's.

As of popular actors who are considered trendsetters, we can find Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as Jennifer Lopez whose glamor and elegance in the red carpet makes anyone want to run and buy a Valentino or a Balenciaga formal dress. These two have even gone further and understood that their styles should be available for anyone and they have their own fashion line at retail stores.