Art Manifesto

“Only as an aesthetic phenomenon can the world be justified” F. Nietzsche

Since the beginning of time humanity has recorded its existence in some sort of artistic form. These expressions have been the source of much that we know of how we perceive and experience existence: The sacrificial wonders of Montezuma, the slavery and opulence of the Egyptians, the massacre of Guernica and the hundreds of artistic composition from the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We intend to present our story in ways that have not always been part of the main stream narrative and the “official version”. In the 21st Century still it might be said not much have changed since the Renaissance where most media and arts centres are ever more geared to the affluent and bourgeois segments of society. Consumers are increasingly consumed by the latest trend imposed by the board-rooms of London, Paris, N York or Milan.

Nevertheless there is another less visible story often restricted to areas in the world where the “hip and trendy” are not part of the scene like the country side of China, Vietnam, the inner cities of Brazil the “barrios” of Cuba, the forgotten artists of Serbia and the ex USSR. It’s the story of the various movements and individual artists that have led man and woman to a struggle to survive and achieve a greater sense of equality, fairness and dignity against the powers of capital and oppression. This is the chapter of our story that we want to focus the also called political art, notwithstanding the notion that everything in our lives is political to a certain degree.

Our space is open to all the past, present and future forms of expressions that reflect the ideas rooted in the counter movements that have challenged the status quo.Not as anti thesis on the equation of life but as a hypothesis for a better future of a classless, just and fairer society. A space where the seemingly voiceless will turn their suffering into virtues like composers seek through their sorrow an unheard composition, as an artist yearning for a higher degree of understanding among us.